Baldur’s Gate Holiday Contest!

Spread Cheer and Win!

Do you know a special GM or player who deserves a +2 bonus to their stocking this year?! Some gamers are truly dedicated and we want to hear about those that have gone above and beyond in 2013! As a reward for your recognition you’ll be earning them (or yourself, scrooge!) a chance at winning a copy of the new and entirely revamped Baldur’s Gate series by Beamdog!

How To Enter

  • Send us a tweet telling us about a player or GM who deserves a +2 bonus to their stocking this year and be sure to include the hashtag #BaldursCheer, or if you don’t use twitter you can post it in the comments below – but keep it under 140 characters!
  • Sit back and wait until December 27th, when we’ll pick our 3 favorites and the folks over at Beamdog will send them out copies of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, and Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced edition for their desired platform (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android coming soon).


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Holiday Gaming Dedication

Why are we doing this, you ask? We know these are busy times for  a lot of us, and a lot campaigns go on short hiatus during this time due to the sheer logistical nightmare of attempting to still attempt to game in between all of the shopping, family visits, and everything else that goes on.

However, some groups, particularly some GMs and players still march on. Some even go that extra mile – they manage to still prep and organize games, and maybe even take the time to make them extra special and holiday themed. They might even give gifts to one another in-game or out, because we appreciate those who go above and beyond to keep their campaigns humming along we’d like to reward them.

This contest is brought to you in part by the fine folks at Beamdog / Overhaul games who have been hard at work breathing new life into the Baldur’s Gate series and have also been kind enough to offer up prize copies for this contest. Be sure to check out their website and follow them on twitter and facebook!

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  2. Without my GM, Paul, I would have never had my first PC experience in the world of D&D. Not only was he encouraging to get me in the game at this stage in my life, but he makes storytelling in game more enjoyable than I had expected. I can’t wait to play each time we have a D&D night. Thanks Paul!

  3. I had the joy to get to play inside of Franksirmarco’s Cthulhu Supremus Est campaign set in 1920s era. His additions to the game and the deep character development on his NPCs constantly made me want to dig deeper into my own characters’ motivations and see the world from their eyes. Definitely deserves some #BaldursCheer

  4. I think all my players deserve a copy of this as they are all super dedicated to game. For the most part they are there rain or shine and always make for a good time.

  5. Nominee:Dave Bernazzani (Wavemotion on RPGGEEK-yep, the man for whom the site wouldn’t exist in its current awesomeness). GM/player/friend

  6. My brother in law has taken on the mantle of GM recently, with very little role-playing experience, and has been doing a fantastic job. He’s really stepped up and incorporated a lot of tools and methods into his games that it takes some GM’s years of experience to manage. Combat is easy and smooth, there are always plenty of directions for the players to go in and if the players go off on a wild hare he works it in and lets them run to the final conclusion of their actions rather than trying to shoehorn them back onto the “right” path. For this and many other reasons he deserves a little #BaldursCheer!

  7. My GM, Justin, runs a Pathfinder game. He will not be running it during the holiday season. The reason is that he runs the game in his spare time, and since he is an assistant District Attorney who is working 80-hour workweeks OVER THE HOLIDAYS on a really ugly murder trial that leaves his spiritually fatigued every night, I figure he might be able to use the escapism.

    Sometimes reality is a very ugly place.

  8. My brother Jeff, who was the one who splurged on the Blue Box (Holmes) way back when. And my first real DM, Garrett, who inspired me and really got me hooked on roleplaying games.

  9. My DM/Player/Friend was the one who introduced me to tabletop RPGs back when I was feeling down and helped me through a hard time. Without him, my fascination in RPGs would never have kindled and I don’t know where I’d be now. He also introduced me to the first Baldur’s Gate which was an amazing game. So if anyone deserves this prize, it’s him.

  10. Besides 100’s of hours writing, our DM built models & created rules for shipboard combat. More important, he molds his stories to tell ours.

  11. This GM was a late bloomer. A punk in his hometown, but a good man reaaaalllly deep down who eventually cracked his shell and moved to the city. The only thing that got him to even try DnD the first time was his memories of playing a certain game when he was younger and being hooked on it. He never even knew what weapons did the most damage cuz d12 was like a foreign language to him….I said, It’s like that game except with MORE control. He bit. He’s now one of our best players and an awesome DM. His inclusion into the group sparked a fiendship thats lasted years and inspired me to even greater storytelling heights as we continually outdo each other. We became roommates later, and now that he’s engaged and I’m moving away, This will be a little something I leave behind for him so he knows never to give up the call. To remind him that a single seed planted right(even by accident) can grow a man’s life in amazing ways. Without that game he would have said no that fateful game and I wouldn’t have got to know him and he would have moved back to his crap town in ohio(his words not mine) when he ran outta money and never met his wife.

  12. 4 Years in the Making. The hand-Crafted world of Euyla was created by my DM. He created Custom Human Civilizations with Unique languages, not just common for all humans- But each Country has their own language logged and archived in a database. He also created his own Pantheons or Dieties to inhabit the world, all with a rich and original background.

    He has Random World Encounters that go on behind the scenes effecting parts of the world unknown to us. At one point it got so out of control our kingdom erupted into Civil war, was invaded by a Country of Vampires, a country of Orc and Goblins, and a country of Dwarves all at the same time. Ironically the shortly after another Dwarven country, the Elves and Silver Dragons joined us. It became such a Fantasy World War that other Continents became involved. At one point, around level 9, we were on the front lines of war- 200,000 of them vs 40,000 of us that a Allied Ancient Copper Dragon and a Balor were fighting over our heads.

    At level one our first enemy was a black dragon. Yes, in this world enemies don’t scale to your level. If the random encounter is rolled and matches the environment, its there. The first monster we ever encountered was at level one. Of course not all of us have made it through with our level one Characters (Currently lvl 11, Mythic 2) the DM has killed off some players. (Resurrection doesn’t work in his world as it does Vanilla). He continues to supply interesting plots and stories in a totally sandbox world, enriched with role-playing, combat and love interests for those players that really get into their characters.

    It is definitely a campaign that could be written into a book. He’s invested so much time to secure our entertainment every Friday night that the journal I keep for my character on my Ipad ran out of Memory because its so full of stories.

    He also offers players to take the DM seat, becoming a leader and teaching everyone good DM skills to pass on to their own friends.

    Our last adventure we were jaunted into Infernus where we found a portal to Sigil, a HUB for the multiverse. It was such a unbelievable and astonishing turn of events that not only were we mind-****ed in real life, but our characters had to make will saves or fall unconscious upon learning of the multi-verse.

    I guess the best way to put it would be to think back of when you played Baldur’s gate, Fallout or Temple of Elemental Evil for the first time.. How epic it felt– seeing everything, learning everything, and just being part of something big. He does that same feeling every Friday night for the past 4 years in a row.

    Not on Twitter, but #BaldursCheers anyways!! It deserves it.

  13. The best gm I ever had was my father. He built up an elaborate world full of political alliances, wars and court intrigue. He made our characters fulfilling a basic quest, but at the same time we could go on side quests and he created some NPCs to be our rivals searching to use the relic we were questing for for evil. He has always been a fan of RPGs ever since D&D first edition. He deserves these games not only because he is a great GM, and father, but also because he loved Baldurs Gate, unfortunately the game got ruined by my son (his grandson)

  14. My DM Yair is amazing and out-of-this-world. He introduced me and many others to dnd and got me hooked real quick. I’ve plated rpg games with other DM’s but no one compares to Yair. He has the ability to keep players on their toes with surprising events, secret quests, and riddles. His balance between serious and funny is what makes him so unique. Even when playing modules Yair spends time working on putting his own special spin on things. Another thing which is great about him is that he gives players the ability to truly make their own decisions, and is able to adapt any situation on a whim. Amazing.

  15. My GM Bear (that’s we all call him, real name Robert), I wouldn’t be nearly as involved in rpging as I am. He ran my first REAL d&d game 3 years ago when I barely had any clue what this stuff was about. He bought me my first set of dice, and my first dice bag (it was a demon platypus, how cool is that?). He also took the time to sit down and HELP the new kid (who didn’t really have a clue what she was doing) come up with a character that I WANTED to play and that could love, but that also followed the rules and wasn’t totally power gamered. And he does that for everyone he runs for. He’s a constant source of guidance and a font of gaming knowledge.
    I’m sure he would love to have these games. I know he really enjoys roleplaying and mmos, and he doesn’t have much money to buy this kind of stuff for himself. Most of what he does have goes to helping make our pen and paper experiences better. He needs something for him.

  16. Mr. K has been everything from camp counselor to English/Theater teacher to mentor for me. The great relationship we have today was started through D&D. As a young impressionable lad in summer camp, I latched onto him because I saw him playing a campaign with the other counselors at camp. He fit me into the game and taught me how to really play, how to make a communal story with the other players and DM. In high school, he ran multiple games for me and my classmates; and now, in college, I still go back and play games with him and the other faculty (which I someday hope to be a part of). This entry is way too long, but that’s okay, preaching the good word of Mr. Kapoo!

  17. Morgan can run anything he gets his hands on. He has over 100 pounds of gaming books for several different systems. But the awesome thing is the effort he puts into his stories and NPCs. All of his NPCs are unique characters with different mannerisms, speech patterns, and goals. He has been teaching me a few things about running games over the past year. One of the most important lessons he taught me was all the characters need personality. One of his house rules is that all players must invest a few knowledge points into a hobby to show what our characters like to do in their off time and give some dimension and connecting to the character. The other one is to let the girls be pretty.

  18. I have to say that a DM friend of mine who deserves #BaldursCheer is Colin. He ran his D&D Forgotten Realms campaign for his kids, as well as the rest of us through many years. His son now helps run plot & NPC’s for the local Alliance Live Action Role Playing Game which my wife & I play in now. Having started a tradition that you pass down to your son is admirable to me, and when I consider how he did a excellent job of introducing us all to other interests such as the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) – I can’t say Kudo’s enough to Colin! :)

  19. Our GM DarthKrzyzstof puts a ton of effort into making games great for us. A long-time gamer, he deserves a little something else for Christmas this year.

  20. I admit that I’m a Scrooge and would love the games for myself. As a DM I have worked hard to make the game fun for my players and myself. They like to grumble about me being a “mean DM” but they have no idea how nice I have been behind the screen. But don’t tell them.

  21. My DM? 10 yrs, 5 PCs, 135pg book, 3’x5’ map/table, weekly newsletters, new to OP (Chronicles of Tellus). Too many hours, not enough thanks.

  22. My brother and DM Glenn deserves a gift. He runs 2 campaigns practically from scratch while being a full time university student. He even works up holiday special sessions for both gangs because we literally cannot go 3 weeks without DnD. His dedication and willingness to include everyone saved our friends life, as we gave him a place at the gaming table where he could escape his depression and enter a hand crafted fantasy world surrounded by real life friendship.

  23. He’s got mistletoe, leg nog, Santa claws, & walks w/ a candycane ever since the Ring Wreath attacked. Please #BaldursCheer our party healer.

  24. My nominee is my gm Josh C. He has shown an incredible amount of dedication as he ran our campaign. So much dedication, that after starting at level one, and continuing throughout many years (5 to be exact) and many life events in that course, we reached 25th level before he wrapped it up in a very satisfying final battle. Now, he’s already talking about another campaign beginning after the new year, for those of us interested. I know he puts alot of effort into making sure we walk away from game feeling satisfied with a good story, and I believe he deserves a chance to win this game.

  25. First and foremost, Obsidian portal is just what the dragon ordered!
    Dan, our GM is the one who turned us on to the website to better manage his game.
    His creativity is only matched by his knowledge of the games he manages. As of late we haven’t been playing D&D as much as we need to due to life’s secret traps and our teenaged kids.
    Dan has lost his mind and has decided to involve all of our groups teenage goblins in a new campaign in hopes to teach them in the lost art of table top, dice rolling fantasy gaming.
    (Lunacy! Kids these days need no imagination, they have X Box to think for them).
    Amazingly, to his credit, it’s working! He has brought us 40 something’s together with our kids and now our weekends are just as much fun as when we was young adventurers ourselves!
    Thank you Dan and thank you Obsidian Portal!
    Happy holidays!

  26. –I think my Game master Uncle Tommy would love these. He was my room mate in college back in 1988 since then we have set up dozens of games and have had some of the same characters since. Games from old school fantasy , superhero , weird science and horror. He has spent millions of hours to do real research on locations and back stories on every character we have…. In some of the game that progress in real time we now have a few generational characters…. I think he would like these. Thanks in advance.

  27. I’d like to nominate our player, Evan. He’s worked incredibly hard at coming out of his shell & writing about our setting & his character. Growth deserves a reward!!

  28. My good friend Seth has been running games for me and my friends since college. Countless campaigns of intrigue, mystery, good old monster hunting and dungeon delving. Some of my best memories are playing with him and the guys. He’s even inspired a number of us to take a seat behind the screen and have a go at running some games ourselves, something that has brought out a creative side of me that I barely knew was there. Here’s to you buddy.

  29. I have a few people I would love to nominate, but I decided to nominate my player, GM, and friend Aaron. He started out playing in one of my early D&D games back in college and has been in just about every game since then. He really got into the Pathfinder system and has GMed several games that I have really enjoyed. He even volunteers as a GM every year at Gen Con. Right now he is running a great Kingmaker ( campaign. He works hard to make sure that we have plenty of great maps…and tolerates my crazed scheme to take over the world with an army of summoned bears.

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