Vote Now for Campaign of the Year 2011!

Winner scores one of these!

Greetings portallers, it’s that time of year again! The time when we come together to vote on our most prestigious award, Campaign of the Year! Below is a complete list of all the games nominated throughout the year for your judging pleasure. Just hit the voting link when you’re ready and be sure to stick around after you submit your ballot – you’ll be rewarded with some DriveThruRPG coupons for your efforts!

So, which one of these was the very best of 2011? You tell us, and remember no hitting below the belt, one vote only once per person. Good luck to all those in the running, and may the best campaign win!


Voting ends midnight, December 31st 2011

Forgot which is which? Jog your memory before voting with these links:

JanuaryHonour Among Thieves

Follow the misadventures of the crew of Shenmue, a Firefly-class transport.


Masochistic Minotaurs and cannibalistic Halflings are only the tip of the iceberg here.

AprilThe Spelljoined

A plane jumping, planescape inspired, airship laden jaunt!


An airship of uknown origin and malign history manned by an unlikely band of fugitives & outcasts.

JuneFrom Beyond the Shattered Gateway

The ancient struggle between two immortal sisters begets an age of chaos and destruciton.

JulySins of the First Age

The exalted wreaked havoc on the world ages ago, they must now atone for their sins.

AugustLe Ballet de l’Acier

Louis XIII is on the throne of France, Cardinal Richelieu is his recently-appointed first minister, and the Thirty Years War is ramping up.

OctoberGamma World: Oasis

The big mistake wasn’t all bad, some folks carved out a place for themselves in the world. In this case, on a big ol’ boat called The Oasis and this story is about its inhabitants.

NovemberAvatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order

Young heroes first meet in the World Youth Combat Tournament, unknowing they would soon be fighting for, and influencing, the fate of the world. 

DecemberDresden Files Dallas

Discover the hidden world of Dallas, Texas in this (literally) episodic Dresden Files game!

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  1. I’d like to thank those who have voted for The Spelljoined and encourage others to do so as well! ;>

    Here’s a toast to all my worthy opponents! Cheers!

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  3. Hey, two quick questions:

    Is there someplace where we can see how the voting is going so far?

    When does voting close?


    • Voting closes at midnight, December 31st. I probably should have put that in, instead of assuming everyone would know. Also, no peeking at the poll results until the end where we announce the winner, sorry!

  4. Good luck everyone 🙂
    I am honored to have my Avatar campaign counted among the nominees!
    and thnx to everyone who votes for Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order 😀

  5. What great company to be in!

    Many thanks to those who vote for Honour Among Thieves and good luck to all the nominees!

  6. I’m a player in LODESTAR, so I’m a bit partial, but wow, the quality in the games present here— great job all! Good company to be counted amongst. Here’s to another year of fun around the tabletops (or whatever medium you use to tell your stories)!

  7. Just vote for Govaga.

    If elected President, I will lower taxes and make sure all janitorial staff place toilet paper facing away from the wall.

  8. Fools! You must vote for Gamma World: Oasis! This is the only way to stop the Armageddon Clock from chiming at the midnight hour! We must acknowledge our possible future in order to avoid it!

  9. FOOLS! Only the Avatar, master of all four elements can save you and bring the world back into balance. But only with your votes!!!

    Vote Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order!
    good luck to all and happy new year 🙂