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Get Monkeyfied! Comic Caption Contest with d20Monkey!

Update: Congrats to our winner Matt Dukes (aka @DireFlail) and his comedic genius! His entry is displayed above and will also be featured on today, stay tuned here for more caption contests and to d20Monkey for good laughs and Matt’s cameo appearance!


Well Helooooo Adventurers…

Want to see yourself (or your RPG character) inside the super hilarious d20Monkey comic strip? Maybe you just want to show off your superior comedic prowess…or maybe this lovely ogre ‘lady’ is just too irresistible for you?! No matter the case, we’re challenging you to caption this image for a shot at fame and fortune! Okay, well, maybe just fame. Internet fame, but fame none the less!

Rules & Rewards

The winner will get their caption published on the d20Monkey comic strip with recognition, as well as a cameo appearance within the strip as a cartoonized version of themself (or their character, which doesn’t have to be of the fantasy genre). Just to top it all off we’re throwing in 3 months of Ascendant time to sweeten the deal.

Note: The cameo appearance is a one time only offer while we kick off this series, subsequent winners of caption contests after this one will not have themselves placed into the d20Monkey strip.

The Not-So Fine Print

You’ll have until the stroke of midnight, April 30th 2011 to get your caption(s) in, you may submit as many as you like. You must submit them as a comment to this blog post via the handy comment section seen below. For the sake of clarity, if you choose to submit multiple entries please do so with each one as it’s own individual comment. There is no right or wrong way to caption this, be it word/thought bubbles, a single caption to encompass the entire image or whatever else you can think of!

The winner will be chosen jointly by Obsidian Portal staff and comic author Brian Patterson and announced on May 5th 2011. Good luck!


And the Featured Campaign of 2010 is…

WyrmShadow by DM Duskreign! The voting breakdown is below:

Congrats, Duskreign! To celebrate your victory, we’ll be mailing you a GOLDEN TROPHY CHALICE full of dice, glory, and praise! Huzzah!


Q-Workshop contest winners!

Last week, we asked the question: What was your most important dice roll? And you answered! Boy did you answer. Well we had our entrants, and all we needed now was to pick the winners. And pick we did! Lets see what we got here.

Fifth Place: Joshua M.

Congrats Joshua! We felt that you nailed it on the head when you called out that there was something magical about that very first dice roll. I remember mine well!

Joshua, for your effort, you’ll receive a set of promotional dice from Q-Workshop!


Q-Workshop Contest – Your Most Important Roll

Q-WorkshopDo you remember the most important dice roll you’ve ever made? Well we want to see it! For this contest, we want a visual recreation of the most important dice roll you’ve ever made. It could be a drawing, a photo, a mosaic… anything that falls within the spirit of the contest! Be creative! Surprise us!

The Prizes

  • 1st prize will get the highly sought after Q-Workshop Dice cup, a box of their newest set of dice, and an extra set of Q-Workshop promotional dice!
  • 2nd prize will get a box of their newest set of dice, and a set of Q-Workshop promotional dice!
  • 3rd place will get a box set of dice, and a set of Q-Workshop promotional dice!
  • 4th & 5th place will each get a set of promotional dice from Q-Workshop!

The Rules

This contest is open to EVERYONE WORLD WIDE! Email your entries to [email protected] with the subject My most important dice roll. The contest ends on October 25 at 11:59 pm (PST). We will choose the five winners from the submissions and announce the winners by Friday, October 29th. We make no claims of ownership to the copyright of any images or text submitted to us for this contest. With us, you always own your own content!


SquidGirl Art, Stats, & Backstory Contest

SquidGirl: part squid, part girl. Here, have a look.

SquidGirl appears on the cover of the upcoming RPG GammaWorld by Wizards of the Coast, and based on her abilities to multitask, take charge of a dangerous situation, and use her extranious limbs as hair, we are ready to pledge our undying love for her. But there’s just one problem: We have no idea who SquidGirl really is! I mean, what makes her tick? What are her goals in life? What are her pet peeves? Why is she a SquidGirl?

That’s where you come in, see? We’re putting a bounty out for information. We want background info, we want her stats (in whatever game system you prefer), we want pictures of her in her everyday life, we want personal journal entries, we want it all!


This contest is open to anyone, anywhere! Also, creators own all applicable rights to their creations. We make no claims of ownership to said creations. To participate, all you have to do is:

1) Make one of the following.

  • A picture of SquidGirl doing things in her everyday life
  • A fictional journal entry from SquidGirl’s perspective
  • Stats for SquidGirl in your favorite RPG system
  • A background story for SquidGirl
  • Something else entirely but still about SquidGirl

2) Post your creation (or a link to it) in this thread on our forums.

That’s it! We will choose winners based on a variety of criteria including attention to detail, humor, awesomeness, and amazingness. One grand prize winner will recieve a 100 dollar Amazon Gift Card. We’ll also pick 5 runner ups (one in each of the 5 categories) and they will also win prizes. Winners will be chosen on Thursday September 16th at 6pm PST. Yes you can win in multiple categories, and yes multiple entries are allowed. Feel free to give feedback or constructive critisim with your fellow contestants.


Become an Obsidian Portal Emissary

With convention season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to let the rest of the gaming community know about how great Obsidian Portal is. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), we’re not a huge mega-corporation that can afford to set up exhibits and hire booth babes to represent us everywhere. Instead, we’re going to rely on you, our awesome users, to get the word out. We want you to represent Obsidian Portal at your favorite conventions as an official Obsidian Portal Emissary.

Bringing illumination to the savages

Bringing illumination to the savages

First things first: we’re not asking you to stand on a corner handing out fliers. Instead, we just want you to go to your favorite conventions and meetups and play games like you always do. If there’s a good time during the game to mention Obsidian Portal, then by all means please do so. Hand out some fliers and stickers to the other people at your table. Tell them to check out the site. That’s it!

We don’t need a hardline sneaky salesforce. As most of you know, it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to get someone to like Obsidian Portal. Basically, once you give it a try, you’re hooked. The hardest part is letting people know that we actually exist. That’s where the Emissaries come in.

As an Emissary, we’ll send you a small kit with some stickers, fliers, and one of our snazzy t-shirts. Plus, you’ll also receive our deepest thanks and a free 3-month Ascendant upgrade. Toss the fliers and stickers into your gaming bag on the way to the con and you’re ready.

Obsidian Portal Needs You!

If you’re going to a convention, meetup, or anywhere gamers hang out, and you’re interested in representing Obsidian Portal as an Emissary, send me an email at [email protected]. Let me know your Obsidian Portal username, what conventions you’re going to, and when. We’re going to start small, with only a handful of Emissaries. If things go well, we’ll step it up. So, even if you don’t get selected at first, we may come back to you once we get the hang of it and are ready to ramp up.

Update: Full Up for GenCon

We’ve got plenty of people for GenCon, so we’re going to close that off for now. However, if there’s a small or local con in your area in the next month or two, we’d still like to get you hooked up.

Award Winning!

Gold ENnie for Best Website 09'-11'

Silver ENnie for Best Website, Best Podcast 2012-2013
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