Free System Friday, Red Ash World Engine

It’s Free System Friday! Tired of your current RPG system? Try a new one for free, why not?┬áThis week’s offering is the Red Ash World Engine by Chris Jokinen.

Red Ash is a generic rules set for an RPG(Role Playing Game) and strategy game(in the future) that I have been working on for some time. My goals for this system is to design a complete rules set the can be used in any genre (but for now will focus on a fantasy setting). It is designed to be open, expandable, flexible and is still a work in progress.

What makes Red Ash different from other game systems is it is made from the ground up with a way to create custom races, creatures and classes. Tired of the same old Human, Elf, Dwarf selection of playable races? Make your own!

Sounds like fun! So take a gander at the rules, grab some friends, and try Red Ash today!

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