Haste! D&D Next Launches this Summer, New Year New Game, Gaming Resolutions.

Episode 100 |


Congrats to Scott H, @Katokatonian, and @ProducerKeeper0 on winning the Baldur’s Cheer contest! Now, onto the show!


New Year New Game Contest

Gnome Stew is having another NYNG contest this year, we should be seeing more details on it soon so keep your eyes peeled. It’s a great way to get people to break out of the box and try something new for the new year!

Gaming Resolutions for 2014

Micah and I discuss our gaming resolutions for the new year, I’d hate to give them away in a topic blurb so I guess you’ll have to listen up!

D&DNext Launching Summer 2014

After 2 years in playtesting, with over 175,000 participants, D&DNExt will finally launch this summer. More details will be coming from WotC in the near future but for now we’ll just have to sit tight. Sounds like more than just a tabletop game too, Micah and I discuss!


Manda Collis (@Mandariffic) asks: How do you break up with a gaming group?

Tune in to find out! Hint: the answer is cowardice.

Music Credits | Intro: “Prelude” | Outro: “Stand Alone” | by LukHash |

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  2. Happy New Year before I get to the complaint.

    Great episode but around the 17 minute mark, it sounds like one of you two starts clicking a pen. As someone who has confiscated every clickable pen in his office, it made have to stop listening as it is rage inducing. Just an FYI.

    • Sorry, those were nail clippers I was fiddling with, I stopped shortly after if you want to just skip ahead a minute.

  3. I’ve had groups break up because of a problem player. I admit, I was rather spineless when I had one of those problem players in my game. He brought things down and when that game ended and I was starting the next one, I had to man up and tell him he wasn’t invited. It led to some hard feelings and a lot of shouting (mostly from him, and often to other people in the group), but it was best for the group and for me.
    However, I made the mistake of letting him sit and watch our first session and his barely-contained aura of hate nearly killed it then and there. After session 2 (no spectators), things were a lot more smooth.

    If a person is poison to the group and the whole group agrees, take the person aside after a session and … well, kick them out.
    And if that doesn’t work, repeatedly kill their characters until they ragequit. But that takes more time and you have to deal with a lot more whining.

  4. I had a problem with one of the players in my group. When I realized he was destroying the fun, I decided to schedule around the Problem player’s schedule. I individually asked players when they could play, and when I had a consenus of player’s available to play on one particular day that the Problem couldn’t make it, that’s when we played. “Sorry man, that’s whatever one else’s schedule could do.” If the Problem was available we just wouldn’t play. Eventually his own schedule worked him out of the group.