Haste – Episode 7: ENnie Nomination and Voting. Gencon Updates, Kill an NPC!, Google + and The Book of Vile Darkness

Intro: “Now Get Busy” ~ Beastie Boys
Outro: “Sister Saviour” ~ The Rapture

Go And Vote!!!

By the time this podcast goes live, so will the ENnies voting booth! So get over there and vote for us! It’s easy – just markObsidian Portal as 1 in under the Best Website category, fill in the rest of your ballot if you so choose and hit the cast your vote button at the bottom!


We’ve been nominated for an ENnie for Best Website, (see above) and we’d love to have your top vote! Also we’ve got some updates regarding our “Tech in RPGs” panel at Gencon – we’ll be joined by Eddy Webb of White Wolf and Brad Talton of Level99 Games. We also have a 3rd guest pending so stay tuned!


Kill an NPC! (George R.R. Martin’s Dance of Dragons)

In honor of the latest book (and the Game of Thrones HBO series), we encourage you to get out there and kill some characters. Not necessarily PCs, but take a central NPC and off them. Watch your players’ eyes bug out when the kindly old mentor NPC gets killed by an assassin. Have the PC’s set out to kill a major NPC even, all that matter is that you kill someone! Shake things up!

Google Plus and Gaming

There’s been a lot of talk about Google+ recently, Micah and Myself even managed to make it onto a top 20 list of gamers to follow. We’re definitely flattered about being cast amidst so many people much cooler than us, that’s for certain. However all this talk lately brings about many questions for gamers, “How can we game here?” and lots of other questions about whether G+ will become a useful/relevant gaming resource or not. Listen to our brief discussion and chime in, in the comments section and tell us what YOU think!

Book of Vile Darkness

WotC has announced a 4e rendition of The Book of Vile Darkness. It fits a lot of their thematically dark releases as of late, do you remember the 3e version? We talk about the book and an evil baby slaying NPC!

Twitter Question

@gamercow asks “How would you deal with joining an existing high level group as an outsider?”

Listen to find out!

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  1. Echoing a bit this week, but still good stuff!

    NPCs: I think it’s a major achievement if you can get your players to remember the NPCs’ names, let alone care when one of them dies unexpectedly.

    Google+, hmm… haven’t we been here before? Little thing called Google Wave that was supposed to foster collaboration but died the death, possibly because you couldn’t just sign up for it like you can for Facebook? Still waiting for my invite, by the way.

  2. Cool! Richard Hills is right but the echo doesn’t phreek me out as much as the differing volume levels – Micah is consistently higher level in volume. Maybe tweak those sliders just a bit.

  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys, hopefully I can eliminate mine in the near future. Still working with “ghetto mic” for the time being. Not sure where/why the echo is coming from to be honest. We’ll get it nailed down soon though, thanks for bearing with us in the meantime! 🙂