Haste: Paizo Game Space, Dungeon Command, D&D Virtual Table Cancelled

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Paizo Announces “Game Space”

Paizocon brought a slough of announcements for Pathfinder and RPG fans around the world this year but one of the most interesting bit was probably the announcement of their virtual table. It’s web based, cross platform, and free although there will be some paid options too. Hit up the link for screenshots and more!

Dungeon Command Release

WotC’s new minis skirmish game is out on July 17th, retailing at 40$ for a “warband” to start. The game has pieces usable in the D&D board games and focuses on card based gameplay, with a focus on strategy and low randomness. There is a preview series going on the D&D site you can check out the game piece by piece.

D&D Virtual Table Cancelled

Just two days after Paizo’s announcement of their virtual table, WotC has sent out via email stating that the D&D virtual table is being put to rest effective July 30th. We discuss, though there is no real official link as of right now

Update: Game Table Online, the creators of the virtual table has said that they will be carrying the VT over to their site where players can continue to play their campaigns. More details to come!

Tip Corner

Use your campaign forum to send greetings to your gaming group. When something cool happens (holiday, get a new job, baby is born, etc) remember that your gaming group wants to know, so drop a note in your campaign forum to let everyone know.

Twitter Question

@forbestay asks: How difficult should puzzles be? Should hints be automatic or earned?

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  1. Wait, what? WotC dumped a project that would have made thousands of it’s buyers happy, but that would have cost them money to do? I would never have guessed… especially after DM tools from 3.0 or D&D insider’s “perks” that never showed up for 4E… and then…