Haste! Pathfinder Kickstarter Afterthoughts, Gnome Stew New Game New Year Contest, Rob Schwalb’s Character Death & Creation

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We hope to see you at Winter Fantasy this weekend! Now, on with the show!


Pathfinder Kickstarter Afterthoughts

Micah and I discuss our afterthoughts on the extremely well run, down to the wire Kickstarter campaign ran by the Goblinworks folks. We’d love your thoughts too.

Gnome Stew New Year New Game Contest

The guys over at Gnome Stew have a great contest going on and there’s still time to enter. Tell them what game you want to run this year, why, what system, and what challenges you might encounter. You could win a Drive Thru RPG gift card, as well as ebooks of all of their publicaionts like Masks, and a few others!

Character Death & Creation by Rob Schwalb

Mr. Schwalb has a great piece up on his blog about character death in the 1e game he’s been running for a while now. He discusses the barrier to entry with how long character creation takes in contrast to lethality and some other really great thoughts on the topic. Micah and I argue discuss. Tell us your thoughts!

Tip Corner

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