Haste! Dice Shield, Gaming Resolutions for 2013 and D&D Tools.EU

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Congrats to GM RRouillard on his game Legacy of the Realms winning 2012’s Campaign of the Year. Also congrats to Wolvensense on winning the December caption contest!


Dice Shield

We stumbled across a really cool tool for tabletop gamers who don’t want their dice interfering with their game boards, pieces, and miniatures. The Dice Shield solves this problem, and a few others. After all no one likes those clattering cubes messing up their games right? The question for us though is, is it worth 50$? What do you think?

D&D Tools.EU

This website is a vast online compendium of books, spells, rules, feats, and a lot more – but is it even legal? How does it compare to other SRD’s? Seems like a great resource regardless of any of the legal stipulations. Tune in as we discuss!

Gaming Resolutions for 2013

We decided to broadcast our gaming resolutions for the coming year. Do any of ours sound like yours? Any advice for us? Let us know what you are going to do differently this year!

  • Jerry
    • Speak up when problems start to arise at the gaming table instead of being passive aggressive about it
    • Venture far outside of my comfort zone of genre/game systems and run a Deep Space Sci Fi, or Modern Fantasy type game (dresden, warhammer 40k, savage worlds)
    • Create something of my own, a kids game, a board game, something. Not counting my NaGaDeMon project.
  • Micah
    • Play Eclipse Phase at least once – the damn thing is free!
    • Give DnDNext playtest a try
    • It’s a secret…let’s just say “unleash” the PCs in my dark heresy campaign.

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Twitter Poll

@Bartoneus asks: How do you like mixing Sci-Fi and Fantasy?

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  1. Thanx for the Podcast. With regard to D&D Tools.EU, we use it quite alot for 3.5 and Pathfinder stuff, especially for newer spells. It is not quite as comprehensive as the Hypertext SRD so for general rules, older feats and spells, etc I would generally refer to Hypertext SRD but where a player has brought in one of the more recent class combinations with newer feats, spells, etc. I find the D&D Tools.EU to be quite useful. With those two electronic references and my hardcopy of the Rules Compendium, we generally get to cover almost any uncertainty!

  2. Given that a cardboard box can adequately contain dice and there is usually a safe place to put it down… nope, not remotely worth $50.