Haste Podcast: Sneak Attacking in D&DNext, DMDJ iPhone App, One Page Dungeon Contest

 [Episode 40]


The d20Monkey caption contest as well as Micah and I’s demands for you to lie to us have come to an end. Winners will be announced soon!

DMDJ iPhone App

We recently got to check out a pretty cool iPhone app to add a really slick touch of high-definition audio ambiance to your games. DMDJ is an iOS app that is definitely worth your 3$ and has a ton of features, Micah and I discuss the greatness that it beholds!

Sneak Attack & Backstab in D&DNext

Sneak attacks, and backstabbing was a hot button issue this week as D&DNext discussion as designers proposed an idea to allow all characters to partake in the rogue sacrosanct that is “Backstab”. Micah and I discuss, and wholeheartedly disagree with this idea.

One Page Dungeon Contest

A contest started way back by Phil “The Chatty DM” Menard is still going strong, this years contest wraps up at the end of April. Draw up any dungeon your heart desires and fit it onto one page, and you can win some pretty sweet prizes (including some OP Ascendant time) so be sure to check it out!

Tip Corner

No matter how you choose to structure your adventure log posts, a summary or short-version is always a good idea. Even if you want the full prose story, when you’re skimming to remember what happened the previous few sessions, having a summary really helps.

Twitter Question

Catherine on Facebook: PCs managed to kill the campaign nemesis, perhaps too early. Which is better: turn him into a puppet of a greater power, or bring him back to life somehow as a more powerful villain?

Listen to find out!

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  1. Thanks for the advice guys! As a novice DM (obviously, lol, or my campaign nemesis wouldn’t be dead already) it’s great to have experienced player/DM input that sparks some more creative ideas for the next sessions 🙂

    • Watching your prized NPCs die is something even veteran GMs have to deal with. A group of several players will always be smarter and deadlier than you expect. For me, I basically assume that every time the PCs meet an NPC, that NPC can (and probably will) die.

      But, if raise/resurrect is possible, I like to use it. Bringing an enemy back from the dead, especially if death has been unkind to them, provides a great story hook. It’s pretty cool to hack someone to death, bury him, then months later see his re-stitched ragged body standing before you, eyes glowing with hatred.

      Beware, though, players will get wise to this quickly. Don’t expect NPCs to come back more than once. After they kill him the second time, expect that they will burn the body, burn the ashes, burn the burned ashes, then send them through a portal to another plane. Of course, that sounds like a pretty fun session to me. 🙂