Haste! Tyranny of Dragons, Timewatch, and Playing To The Averages Pt. 2

Episode 103 |


A big congrats and good luck to our friends at Roll20 who are taking the plunge and making Roll20 their full-time gig! Now, on with the show!


Tyranny of Dragons

In another article that is rather scant on details, WotC has unveiled the big multi-platform D&D event going along with 5e’s release called Tyranny of Dragons. Looks like it includes Tiamat and a bunch more to come. Does this tie in with The Sundering? We discuss!

Timewatch! The Time Travel RPG

A Kickstarter for Kevin Culp’s new game, TimeWatch, is going strong and we think you should check it out. To be published by Pelgrane Press, the game promises to cover every time-travelling-trope you can possibly think of. Be sure to check it out, you can even chip in just a buck to check out the playtest materials already.

Playing To The Averages

Micah and I discuss the “playing to the averages” mentality discussed in a previous show, we got off on the wrong foot and came across overly negative. We’d like to clear the air a bit and provide some positive examples of playing to the averages.


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@EldritchFire asks: How do you get players to accept the facts of a setting that restrict or deny actions that they are used to?

Tune in to find out! 

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  1. Time travel in the Doctor Who universe works differently than in other movies, TV shows, books, etc. Mostly, the rules of time travel in Doctor Who have only some continuity and are mostly at the whim of the writers. The basic rule is that the Doctor can’t time travel to the same area and time as himself (so no jumping to the end of the episode and solve the mystery and then coming back to the beginning of the episode to explain it).

    Also, before anyone jumps in and hates on the Harry Potter series for the time turners, there is an in-universe explanation (in addition to the literary explanation) which I will gladly email you.

  2. Thank you so much for covering TimeWatch!

    You mentioned you didn’t know much about me. Quick bio: I’m an admin over at EN World under the username Piratecat, and I’ve been involved with hosting the ENnies for many years. I’ve written for Pelgrane before (including the nifty fantasy western game Owl Hoot Trail) and another half dozen or so game companies; I’m also a video game guy who worked on games like Game of Thrones Ascent.

    I’m totally on board with the $1 approach to the Kickstarter, under the theory that people should damn well know whether they love the game or not before they offer me the money. The Jurassic Edition you’ll get for that is about 260 pages long and about 80% written. One thing that won’t get you: the Kickstarter pdf expansions (including a 96-page adventure expansion we hope to unlock) that will be separate product later.

    TLDR: thank you again for the discussion. It’s ridiculously appreciated.

    – Kevin

  3. This was one of the better podcasts. People may not want to hear about playing for the averages but there is a reason those meme pictures with LOTR and Monty Haul exist.