Haste w/ guest host Brian Liberge! Pulp, Free Dungeon Maps, and Martial Healing in D&D Next

Episode 75 |


This week we’re joined by Brian Liberge, Game Designer, Writer, and man of many more hats who’s currently released his new game Pulp! No big announcements this week but stay tuned and we’ll have some soon!



I talk to Brian about his new game Pulp, and he gives us the lowdown of what it’s all about and what it’s capable of and what he’d like to see for the future. The game uses a single d6 and the core rules can be captured within just 2 pages. Awe-some!

Paratime Design Dungeon Maps

Check out these great dungeon maps released for free under the Creative Commons license. They can be used for quick one shots or whatever your dungeon map needs might be, they have an old school aesthetic and a distinct style we all can appreciate.

Martial Healing in D&D (Next)

There was recently an intriguing blog post put up in response to something said on the most recent official D&D podcast by Mike Mearls. Regarding Warlords healing in D&D, and the discussion of martial healing as a whole was brought up in this blog post. Brian and I discuss the issue at length!

Tip Corner

Use one shots seamlessly within your existing campaign! Whether it’s via bard, campfire stories, or an NPC recanting a legendary tale – use it to transport your characters into the story within the story, there’s lots of possibility here!

Twitter Poll

@KenPutski asks: Character in my game blew fort save vs lycanthropy. 3 weeks until the full moon. Party is on the way to the capitol city temple. What do I do?

Music Credits | Intro: “Prelude” | Outro: “Stande Alone” | by LukHash |

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