Haste with guest hosts Robert Schwalb and Stephen Radney McFarland

Episode 81 |


Tonight we’re joined by freelance game designer Rob Schwalb and game designer Stephen Radney McFarland of Paizo Publishing to discuss this weeks RPG news and murmurs. Enjoy!

WARNING: Today’s episode is more NSFW than normal and contains the occasional censored swear word. Game Designers…what are you gonna do with them?



World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl

The Dungeon Bastard has a Kickstarter going on to create the “world’s worst dungeon crawl” entitled Flaming Deathpits of the Minotaur Mage: Descent Into Doomfire. He’s taking it to Gencon and doing it to prove that DM’ing is easy! We get all philosophical about DM’ing and discuss how easy it really is!

3 Things Dungeon World Does

Gnomestew has a great piece up talking about 3 things that Dungeon World does that you need to put into your game. The article is a good one and basically boils down to “don’t make your game boring and/or suck”. We discuss open ended elements and improvisation in gaming, how we lose sight of it, and what we can do to keep things fun.

Earliest Version of D&D Discovered?

A recent article on Geekdad begs the question “has the earliest ever version of D&D been discovered?”, referred to as the Dalluhn Manuscript, it currently on display at a museum as part of an exhibit called Game Time! The truth is that this article really gives more questions than answers, we’re intrigued but we’d like to know more. Do you know more? Let us know!

Tip Corner

Don’t listen to anything Pat Robertson says about Dungeons & Dragons! D&D doesn’t destroy lives, just look at these two fine gents on the show tonight!

Twitter Poll

@Kilogex asks: If you could have any D&D monster as a pet, which one would it be and why?

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  1. Thanks for the Podcast. Some thought provoking discussion on what gaming really is all about. How important are rules, world, narrative, etc. Styles of play can be so varied, I wonder if there really is a perfect way to do it, but it’s good to think about the options…

    • Hey, thanks for listening Twigs! I think there’s surely no perfect way to do it, maybe individually or on a group by group basis but yeah, it’s all “YMMV” in RPG-land. At least that’s my two cents.

  2. You know, about gaming and what it’s about, I think that I really am getting more and more sucked in by Fate and the way that it really emphasizes group creativity and storytelling. For me, that feels like it’s the obvious answer… the group is part of the story, what makes the story interesting are players’ investment in the story and the GMs molding of story. But another really important part is buy in. So long as everyone sees this as a “let’s have fun” instead of a “DM vs. Players” situation, then the Fate rules are really cool.

    By the way, in terms of D&D I think that 2nd Edition was kind of the happy medium for me. I do really like 3rd edition and played a lot of it (3.0), but 2nd Edition always focused more on story and setting and less on mathematical precision. When I see D&D Next leaning towards AD&D and 2e it makes me excited.

    • Phil, definitely man! I’m loving D&D Next so far for the same reasons. As long as they don’t complicate the rules further than the stuff they’ve been tacking on and playing around with I think it will turn out fine. The first initial packet was good and it seems like they keep adding stuff to it and it worries me. Hopefully it’s all good in the end though. Thanks for listening, and thanks for commenting!

  3. Perhaps the best podcast yet! It is great to hear people just discuss RPG theory- and I agree- less complicated, more freedom, more sandbox, all better! Rules should get out of the way of fun!

  4. Stephen- START WRITING ARTICLES AGAIN for your blog Neogrognard. That said-

    Both Rob and Stephen don’t sound like how I imagined that they would…