Haste! The Latest D&D 5e Info, Dark Dungeons, and D&D Attack Wing!

Episode 108 |


Our Birthday contest over on the blog, it ends March 31st so be sure to get in on it! We’ve also made some good progress on the file uploads stretch goal, you’ll be seeing a blog update regarding reforging stretch goals coming soon as well. Beyond all that, on with the show!



Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing

The GAMA trade show recently gave us our first glimpse of the new D&D Attack Wing miniatures game. In the same vein as Star Trek Attack Wing and the Star Wars X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight, this one promises to set itself apart with flavor of all kinds.

Latest D&D 5e Information from GAMA

We have found a series of live tweets from the show, and now have a few juicy tidbits about what D&D 5e is going to be like. Beyond the fact that there’s a Fire Giant on the MM cover and a Beholder on the PHB here’s what else we rounded up:

Dark Dungeons the Movie Gets A Trailer

The recently Kickstarter funded film about how D&D will lead you into a witches coven and allow you to start casting real magic finally has a trailer released on its official site. Be sure to check out this 100% non-satirical *wink wink* glimpse at the film, as well as the rest of its equally hilarious website.


@Steelsteve asks: How do you do traps? How suspenseful do you make them?

Tune in to find out! 

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  1. Personal apologies for this episode’s background noise, I didn’t have my mic set to -10db like I normally do and recorded the episode not knowing.

  2. Just listening to the part on Attack Wing and got a nice chuckle out of the comment as to whether there was going to be a WWI Attack Wing. The X-Wing/Attack Wing system is a direct descendent of (as in practically a copy of) the Wings of Glory system (formerly known as Wings of War). The first game in that system? A WWI air combat game.

    Also, didn’t notice the background noise until you mentioned it ;)