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If you check out Obsidian Portal on your mobile device, you may get a bit of a shock. Instead of just being the regular site scrunched up onto the screen, you’ll see that it now fits nicely with no zooming and scrolling. We’ve heard your calls for a better mobile version and now we’re getting there.

Design Philosophy

Rather than recreate the entire site, we tried to focus on the core elements of what you need at the table to run a session. With the mobile site, you have easy access to everything in your campaign. On the flip side, while we recognize the need to be able to edit and update things on the fly, we didn’t focus on this too much. Fleshing out your wiki and characters on a mobile device would just be too arduous, no matter what we do.

At the core, the mobile site is about allowing you to carry your campaigns around in your pocket.

Don’t like it? Turn it off

One thing every mobile site needs is the ability for people to avoid it. I know how frustrating it is to use a mobile site that does 90% of what the full site does…but you happen to need the 10% that it doesn’t provide. In that case, just click the link to ‘Full Site’ in the footer and you’ll get where you need to be.

Bugs? Please let us know!

There will surely be bugs, or at least inconsistencies with the mobile site. It’s brand new, and it hasn’t been put through its paces just yet. If you happen to find any issues, please submit a bug report to our help desk. We’ll look into it and figure out what’s going on.

More to come

As with everything, there is still more to come. I’ve got a lot of ideas on where I want to take the mobile site, but I didn’t want to wait until it was perfect to launch it. I’ve been using it effectively for several weeks now, as have many of our beta testers. I hope that all of you can get the same use out of it as me.

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  1. Fantastic! I thought case-sensitive tagging was a great improvement, but this blows it out of the water. Making it read-only is also a good decision, all things considered. Great job all around.

    Two Requests:

    1) Am I missing something, or is there no way to view my world map? I don’t need the Google Maps integration on the go, but it would be nice to see it in static jpg format. If formatting/UI is an issue, it would probably be fine to just have the full-def image open in a new tab.

    2) I worked hard on my campaign banner, and it feels wrong not having it adorn the top of every page. It’s a minor issue, but I hope banners appear in a future update.

    • Banners and maps are on the todo list. I just thought people would rather have it now than wait until we get everything done.

  2. Looks great, but your User-Agent sniffing is picking up the iPad as a mobile device, when its larger screen is perfectly fine on the normal site. It’s a simple click back to the normal site, but I figured I’d tell you.

    • There is a menu that has access. Click the arrow icon in the top right when on any campaign page to bring up the “Where to?” menu.

  3. The mobile redesign positively rocks. I will be fair, it still has a long way to go, but it is *well* on the right track to what I’m looking for from OP on a mobile device. Keep up the good work!

  4. Things are looking great! One concern is that when viewing campaigns like mine that have a lot of formatting the entire page will not show on the iPhone screen. Even the ability to scroll sideways would help a lot!

    This is really going to bring the Portal to our table in a big way. We’ve got four smartphone users (HI Kenari!) at our table. Cannot wait until the next game. Will provide playtest report on the forums afterwards!

    This is brilliant!

  5. Really digging this. It does bring to light one issue though. I def. see the need to make a mobile-only formatting options. Right now any custom CSS fit to the website completely trashes the mobile site. So, unless I want to use a very plane format for the wiki, it’s not all that useful. Maybe strip out inline CSS on the output of the mobile version?

    Otherwise, fantastic work on the project! 🙂

    • I’m not sure the best way to handle this. I’ve been leaning more and more toward allowing for custom CSS to be entered that will be loaded with every page on a campaign. That would allow for defining your styles outside the HTML, like you’re supposed to do. I think you asked for this, and it’s definitely a good idea.

      Then, we could just exclude the extra CSS for the mobile site.

      I’m still a little hesitant on this one, though. Allowing CSS injection could allow people to restyle the entire site (on their pages) and do things like phishing attacks. I’m no expert on this, so I tend to be overly restrictive.

  6. Not really any extra risk at all. Since CSS is a style and not a script, the only difference would be that by adding a global CSS page, it keeps folks from having to add the inline CSS to every single page and every single element. Anything I could do with a global style sheet I can already do via the wiki editor. I’ll shoot you a private message with a few examples of this.

  7. Thanks Micah for directing me to the button to see PCs, NPCs, etc. When I look at the PCs/NPCs the menu is in the middle of the text. Is that because I’m using a table for the stats? Everything else shows up fine.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  8. Can we access the ‘GM only’ areas of the site? I may be missing it but as the GM, I can’t find the information.

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  10. I’m using a Pre (-) with WebOS, I see the full version of the site. Is there a specific address for the mobile version?

  11. Is there a way to access the calendar?

    Also, what about replying to forum posts? That would be handy.

    I like being able to read the latest posts and responses from my players, but having to go to the main site to respond makes me find little use in the mobile app.

    Am I not doing something right? I think I’m logged in, lol.

    • Calendar is on the way.

      However, you can already reply to forum posts. Just click the “New Post” (or something like that) button and you can add to a forum thread.

  12. I am using Palm Pre, and I can’t see the mobile site. Please add Pre to your mobile list.
    Thank you so much. Look forward to see this!~

  13. I have an iPhone. I looked for the application in iTunes Store but I didnt find it.

    Where can I get the App???


  14. Is it possible to add features to just the mobile version? It would be cool to have something like a temporary chat client/message board so people can send each other discreet messages.

  15. Looks great, but doesn’t handle varying orientations well. When editing a page, the text edit area did not expand horizontally, it stayed small and left a lot of empty space to the right.

    Otherwise awesome, thanks!
    *Using Droid 3