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The official blog of Obsidian Portal and the home of the Haste podcast.

Fate: Warhammer 40k – December’s CotM

This month we’re joined by GM Andante to talk to him about his awesome Warhammer 40k campaign using the FATE system. Sit down and grab read on, this was a great interview! Also, be sure to read the Adventure logs on this one, great stuff!


Haste! w/ guest Highcove: DM’ing with Charisma, Resurrecting Old Campaigns, and More!

Episode 98 |


Tonight we’re joined by Kickstarter backer Highcove, he’s here to talk with us about his blog DM’ing With Charisma, and I Podcast Magic Missle, as well as all things gaming so tune in!

Also, a very special shout out and get well to our friend Brian Patterson, aka @d20Monkey who has recently hurt his knee pretty badly and is laid up. If you’ve never read d20Monkey now is the time to catch up while Brian recuperates, and be sure to send him some well wishes while you’re at it. Get well soon Brian!


Reforged! What’s Next?!

Hello Portallers!

We know it’s been a while since we’ve had an update blog post so I think it’s about time we come up for some air and talk about the new hotness of Obsidian Portal and things to come. As you all know, on October 28th of this year we unveiled the newly reforged Obsidian Portal and have been working on further improving it ever since. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback from everyone and we’re happy to be such a big part of so many people’s gaming lives!


Haste! w/ guest host Shane Tyree. The Writhing Dark, Dungeon White Space, D&D Rules Elegance, and more!

Episode 97 |


Tonight we’re joined by Shane Tyree to talk to him about his Kickstarter, The Writhing Dark. Jump in and join us as we discuss Cthulhu, Dungeon White Space, and “that thing Mike Mearls said this week”. We have no formal announcements this week, so on with the show!


Haste! No Evil Options in D&DNext PHB, Playsets, Plot, and more!

Episode 96 |


We’re back, sorry for podfading! We’ve got a regular recording schedule now so rest assured you’ll be hearing from us on the weekly again. There’s still some time to caption the d20Monkey comic too, so get to it before it’s too late! Now, on with the show!


We’re Hiring – Cutomer Service Representative

Update: We’ve gotten quite a few responses, so I’m closing this down for now. After we’ve interviewed some candidates, if we are still looking for someone, I’ll re-open this.

We’ve grown to a size now where every day we get a lot of questions about some of the basics of the site, plus people having trouble logging in or figuring out how to reset their password. We want to provide the best possible customer service experience that we can, but we all have day jobs and other responsibilities that keep us busy, and we’re slowly getting buried.

We need someone to help us answer support tickets, review user feedback, and just generally help Obsidian Portal users who have questions and issues. Can you help us out?


  • Answer help requests using our support system

  • Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and Kickstarter for people who are in need of help

  • Keep an eye on our community forum and give help there when necessary


  • Good writing skills

  • Helpful and courteous

  • Able to navigate a virtual helpdesk system (we use tenderapp.com)

  • Familiarity with social media

  • Previous customer service experience a plus

  • In-depth coding knowledge or Obsidian Portal experience is NOT required.


  • $10/hr, with an expected commitment of 5-10 hours per week.


  • Work from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere else you bring your laptop

  • Extremely flexible schedule! Fit this job in around your other work, whenever you have a spare moment or two

  • Hang out in a chat room all day with Jerry and Micah passing around links about RPGs and video games and other geeky stuff

How to Apply

Send a resume detailing your customer service background and experience to micah@obsidianportal.com

This is a remote contractor position. You are responsible for providing your own computer, software, equipment, and internet connection.

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