Stats & Art Contest Jan. 2010: The Giraffelich! 1/29/2010 – 2/12/2010

UPDATE: Results are here!

This contest will run till the 12th of February. As some of you know, the Facebook fanpage struck RPG gold by coming up with the concept of the Giraffelich. We’re so in love with this undead even-toed ungulate mammal, that we’re running a Giraffelich Stats & Art contest!

If you can come up with stats for a Giraffelich (including appropriate background fluff, and encounter group info as appropriate) for Rifts, 4.0e, Savage Worlds, Exalted, or Pathfinder; then you’ll have a chance to win a $25 US gift certificate to Amazon.com! We’ll pick the best three entries, and they’ll be our winners. There’s no limit to the number of entries, and you can win for more than one setting!

If you are artistically inclined, and you can come up with some bangin’ art of the Giraffelich, then you too can win a $25 dollar gift certificate to Amazon.com. Remember, the giraffelich is a cunning lich as well as a giraffe. Just making an undead giraffe isn’t going to cut it. Liches have rings and phylacteries and evil robes and what not. Capes. Again, we’ll pick the best three entries, and they’ll each win. There’s no limit to the number of entries, and you can win for more than one drawing!

Email submissions to dan(at)obsidianportal(dot)com.

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