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Forum Reply via Email

One of the most requested features for the campaign forums has been the ability to reply to a thread via email. Well, you asked, we delivered.

If you look at recent forum notifications, you’ll notice that all the emails now begin with

“—- Reply Above This Line —-“

As long as you follow directions and put your reply at the top of the email, your email will get bounced through our system and turned into a forum reply. This will, in turn, get sent out to all members of the campaign who have selected to receive forum notifications (which is on for everyone by default).

This means you can now participate in a forum thread without ever needing to visit the site. It’s like an email with reply-all, but without worrying that someone gets left out.

One reason it took us so long to get here is that for us to receive and process email is not exactly a simple task. With that in mind, please bear with us as we work out any kinks. If you experience any issues, please make sure to start a support discussion.

Finally, we’re looking for other places to allow email interaction. For example, one obvious feature is the ability to post a comment on an adventure log post via email. Someone does the writeup after a session, sends out a notification to everyone, and they can comment just by replying to the notification. It’s just like the forum, but attached to an adventure log post. This is just one thought, and it’s not well fleshed out, so we’d like to hear any ideas you have.


Trash Bin FTW

We’re experimenting with a “trash bin” for your wiki pages (and soon, characters & items). This safety net will allow you to delete something, then bring it back later if you wish.

It’s not perfect, as certain aspects cannot be restored (like tags), so don’t go throwing things away without a little thought. However, you no longer need to fear that one of your players will spend an afternoon maliciously deleting your entire wiki.

The next logical step is to provide versioning history for your pages. That’s definitely on our TODO list, but I’m not sure when we’ll get to it.
In the sidebar on the campaign wiki