Tell Us About Your Character Contest!

No Really, Tell Us!

We all love to tell stories about our characters, don’t’ we? Too bad no one ever really likes to hear them though, and while this is true most of the time – this is not one of those times! In partnership with AwesomeDice we are running a contest where two lucky winners will win a set of dice of their choice and a very exclusive Obsidian Portal  dice bag! Want in? Listen up and we’ll tell you how.

Artwork: Kyle Ferrin,

In the comments below, give us your character’s name, class/type, and a one sentence description OR a one-liner from your character themself. We’re aware not all RPG’s have strict classes, and that’s fine, just give us the gist of what he / she / it does.

You’ll also need to tell us which set of dice from you’d like to win (Q-Workshop dice excluded) that compliments your character the best. Micah and I will be judging the entries based on overall ‘cool factor’ and synergy with the dice you’ve selected.

Prizes & Limitations

Seriously Awesome Dice

Each of the two winners will recieve a single set of dice they selected from AwesomeDice to go with their character: either a standard 7 die, 10d10, 12d6 or 36d6 set excluding Q-Workshop dice. You’ll also be winning one very rare and exclusive Obsidian Portal Dragonchow dice bag.

Remember the dice you pick should display synergy between your character and the dice themselves and that your character description should be no longer than one sentence, OR a one-liner! Unable to follow these simple directions will result in your entry being discarded, please do not write us a novella, we will not have the time to read it.

Based on these synergies and how awesome Micah and I think your character is, we’ll select 2 winners on February 1st. Good luck, and we can’t wait to hear about your characters! No, really!

A Rare Artifact!


Please feel free to copy and paste this into your comment below and fill it out accordingly. Also please be sure to either leave the name of the die set that you want, or a direct URL from


After much hard deliberation, the winners are: Shank, and Miner!

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  1. Name: Neirill the Far-Seeing
    Class/Type: (2nd ed D&D) Former Wizard turned Thief (con-artist)
    Description: Neirill found actually being a wizard far too much work, so he learned enough magic to start conning people into thinking he was a real wizard and an oracle.
    Dice: CHX26434

  2. Name: Professor Alvis Uma
    Class/Type: Half- Elf Bard / Scholar
    Description: After a long and full lifetime lecturing and teaching students about the wonders of the ancient world and the history of Golarion. He has decided at the ripe old age of 112 to become an adventure and part of the Pathfinder Society.
    Dice: As the professor joins the ranks of the olds member of his race his vision isn’t what it used to be. So the set of 7 jumbo opaque black dice, with white numbering would be the easiest on his eyes.

  3. Name: J-3di
    Class/Type: Droid Soldier/Independant Droid/Melee Duelist [Star Wars Saga Edition]
    Description: In spite of his natural limitations as a droid, J seeks to become a Jedi, embodying the ideals of the Light Side, and fighting the evils of the empire.
    Dice: Translucent Blue 7 dice set

  4. Name: Sevren Bladesing
    Class/Type: Human Fighter
    Description: Sev’s cocky laugh and raised eyebrow juxtapose his well-worn clothes and the old sword and dented shield strapped to his back.
    Dice: Scarab Blue Blood 7-Dice Set

  5. Name: Sabù Abdel’Adil (It’s an Arabian name and it means Sabù the servant of the righteous
    Class/Type: He’s a Lawful/Neutral monk
    Description: He looks like Bolo Yeung the actor, black hair, brown eyes, 172cm, 83 kg, a lot of muscles butalso very quick and dextrous. He’s on road to preach the true power of the inner power that comes from the meditation. (temperamentally is like Dhalsim of the coin-op Street Fighter).
    Dice: Gemini Copper-Steel 7-Dice Set

  6. Name: Grezzalik M’Rethen
    Class/Type: Sorcerer, Elemental/Air
    Description: Power of a tornado, brains of a tomato.
    Dice: speckled silver volcano

  7. Name: Raymond Sempronius
    Class/Type: 2nd Edition Ranger
    Description: Human, green dragon hide wearing, bastard sword wielding, Titan strength having giant hunter.
    Dice: Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

  8. Name: Druitt Auldren
    Class/Type: Druid (Domain: Cloud [Air])
    Description: A druid of the elements, Druitt channels the skies and burns his unnatural foes with the crackle of lightning.
    Dice: Druitt’s dice would be the Scarab Royal Blue 7-Dice Set since there are stormy in color like his domain and the gold numbering is reminiscent of the lightning bolts he delivers with ease.

  9. Name: Valgoth
    Class/Type: Dwarven Wizard
    Description: “He never said he DIDN’T want to be set on fire and thrown off a cliff, did he?”
    Dice: Vortex Orange 7-Dice Set

  10. Name: Kyrion
    Class/Type: Prescient Bard / Cleric of the Raven Queen
    Description: “Every life is a story, and the key to a good story is knowing when to end it – that’s where I come in.”
    Dice: Frosted Smoke 7-die set (CHXLI431)

  11. Name: Quirrel Alasho
    Class/Type: Half-elf Transmuter/Crossbow ranger (Pathfinder)
    Description: Using his own combination of metal and magic, chaos is Q’s raison d’être.
    Dice: Gemini Blue-Steel 7-Dice Set

  12. Name: Connor Talesin
    Class/Type: Paladin of Desna
    Description: An ex-mercenary, Connor has only recently been inducted as a paladin of the goddess of dreams and travel, and is still learning about his abilities.
    Dice: Gemini Purple-Steel 7-Dice

  13. Name: Aerowen Avial
    Class/Type: Elven Fighter
    Description: Lost all of her hair in a fireball “accident” it grew back pure silver instead; she once stabbed an old guy in the back because she had a “vision” he was “evil”.
    Dice: Speckled Silver Volcano 7-Dice Set since she and fire don’t mix and the silver matches her hair.

  14. Name: Siegfried “Ziggy” Jotunsen
    Class/Type: Former Half-Frost-Giant, Modern-Day Berzerk Mercenary
    Description: Siegfried is a highly trained soldier of fortune who recently made the Choice to become mortal and stole a kiss from the woman he loves, A White Court vampire stripper.
    Dice: When Siegfried made the Choice, his hair turned from a snow white to a golden blonde in an explosion of snowflakes, so I think the Marble Ivory 7-Dice Set reflects that transformation best.

  15. Name: Funkmaster ill
    Class/Type: Fast/Smart Hero, (d20 modern/Urban Arcana)
    Description: A homeless illithid lost on the streets of chicago, no memory of what he was, introduced to the world of gang violence and hip-hop by eating brains (he never left). Wore dreads and a bandana to hide his tentacles. Shot dead by police on April 29th, 2008.
    Dice: CHX26432 or GST9011-9000, both reflect his far realm and funk origins.

  16. Name: Arro’Vaen Surrore

    Class/Type: Hybrid Swordmage/Wizard (D&D 4e)

    Description: The pain of his own corruption bringing to death the one man he ever loved, Arro’Vaen Surrore journeys to find a way to sacrifice his life as redemption to Nusemnee, before his corruption surfaces and harms again.

    Dice: Speckled Silver Volcano 7-Dice Set (CHX25344)

  17. Name: Desideria
    Class/Type: reaper death mage, lapith, neutral chaotic
    Description: “Sh, the voices in my head don’t like you!”
    Dice: Festive Carousel 7-Dice Set

  18. Name: Nelis Eldritchsun
    Class/Type: D&D 1.0 Lawful Cleric
    Description: Only in whispers is the story told so as not to enrage the Gods; as the last captive turned his face toward Nelis to beg for succor, seeing the blazing Holy Symbol at her hip, his captor pressed a knife against the back of his ear where it met his scalp, but Nelis was already looking away as the blow came.
    Dice: The “Opaque White 7-Dice Set” would best suit Nelis, as she believes the world is ruled by a black and white moral code. See no Evil, hear no Evil!

  19. Name: Windan of Clan Thune
    Class/Type: Fighter
    Description: “I killed him once on purpose, but the second time was just a happy accident.”
    Dice: The Silver Black 7-Dice Set (KPL12239). The metallic silvery color echoes the blade of the great sword Windan uses to earn her victories.

  20. Name: Chocho San
    Class/Type: 3.5 Human Favored Soul
    Description: “Chocho San: beating people in the face for the Lord since 1672”
    Dice: CHXLI431

  21. Name: Hammar Ironstar
    Class/Type: Dwarven Warden
    Description: “Thunder, THUNder, THUNDERDWARF, HO!” (Form of Mountain’s Thunder)
    Dice: Speckled Hurricane 7-Dice Set, like the lightning his clan’s Darksteel recipe is said to be able to trap

  22. Name: Giovanni “Meathook” Gambino (Shadowrun, 3rd Edition)
    Class/Type: Street Samurai
    Description: An ork with a genius intellect and a hobby of talking like a caveman for his own amusement, forced into working for the Mafia by poverty, who discovered his boss was selling their own men for medical experiments, killed the jerk, and ended up with most of his body cybered after it turned out the Don was a load-bearing boss.
    Dice: Any of those wonderful dice cubes would make future Shadowrun games a breeze.

  23. Name: Gildal
    Class/Type: Dwarven Fighter (D&D 4e)
    Description: Gildal is a drunken brawler who constantly sips off his wine as he fights.
    Dice: Easter Pink 7-Dice Set (For those pink elephants he sees)

  24. Name: Mystaria
    Class/Type: 4e Elf Avenger
    Description: Her devotion to her goddess is all Mystaria feels, ever since her mission to execute her secretly slave-driving husband.
    Dice: CHX27405. Because even Goodness and Water [the domains of Mystaria’s goddess] can be clouded by evil actions.

  25. Name: Velin Marthson “Raine”
    Class/Type: 3.5 Half-Elf/Ranger
    Description: “My father? Hah. I never knew my father, but when I find him, I’m going to ‘thank’ him for what he did to my mother, and forcing me to live as a half-elf unlike you true elves, a storm is coming for him, and the ‘Raine” is unforgiving”
    Dice: frosted blue dice, reminiscent of the cold, chilly demeanor of Raine

  26. Name: Russ Finn
    Class/Type: Spy
    Description: “I will tiptoe through the field of daisies so no one notices me”
    Dice: Gemini Black- Pink d10’s

  27. Name: Lucky
    Class/Type: Solo/Edgerunner
    Description: “That stickiness on your face is all thats left of your friend.”
    Dice: Gemini Black- Purple set

  28. Name: Khi-haran
    Class/Type: Psionic hawk
    Description: yes a Peragine, all of 18″ tall and can fly very well thank you.
    Dice: Glow in the dark set (if possible) or the gemini copper/steel

  29. Name: Alex Delacroix
    Class/Type: White Court vampire (DFRPG)
    Description: Living with double consciousness, Alex struggles against her demonic side as she tries to balance living a normal collage student life and defending her city against evil supernatural beings.
    Dice: CHX26430

  30. Name: Rase Cidraen
    Class/Type: Fighter/Shadowdancer
    Description: A man who started his life noble, was forced to leave his world and lose his memory due to assassins chasing him – in his new home, he fell in love, was betrayed for that love by his best friend, and slowly slipped into depression, all while caught up in leading a civil war. Eventually he ended up being cast into exile after being crowned king when faced with a coup by the same best friend who stole his love, the one person he could not be brought to kill.
    Dice: CHX26423, as befits his steely interior and the light and dark nature of his luck.

  31. Name: Themdar
    Class/Type: Gladiator (2nd edition D&D Dark Sun)
    Description: I am a warrior, i am a slave, i am a Gladiator, on this hellish place Athas, i make my stand firmly with the help of my ax “The Ivory Wing”.
    Dice: Marble Ivory 7-Dice Set to complement my weapon the Ivory wing.

  32. Name: Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (Zedd for short)
    Class: Wizard

    Description: Zedd was a powerful wizard with a impish grin and a cooky personality, until he came back from a mission with his entire memory wiped by some unknown enemy, and now must relearn everything about magic one again to discover who erased his life; being lectured in classes he used to teach, from textbooks HE wrote…. BAGS!

    These are perfect! His robes are a silver-grey with purple lining!!!!

  33. Name: Manny “Smashed Face” O’Brian
    Class etc. Human, Brawler (fighter archetype) 58 – 73 bare knuckle-fight record.

    As a young chap, Manny was quite a charismatic young man, but after being viciously punched, stomped, kicked, buttdropped, horned and headbutted in the face a couple hundred times, both his looks and social skills took a severe drop.

  34. Name: Jean-luc DuLac
    Class/Type: Swashbuckler/Pirate/Spy
    Description: A man so effeminate that he is often mistaken for a woman. “Stick me or kiss, both will leave you with a smile.”
    Dice: Gemini Pink d10’s

  35. Name: Overkill
    Class/Type: Mariner/Pirate
    Description: Overkill is a dwarf (I know thats not stereo typing) who is a prankster. His most famous heist was stealing pants and gold from a nobles ship. For several months the robbed persons sat waiting to be rescued but would not go ashore because they had nothing under their wasts.
    Dice: Double Dice D10.

  36. Name: Ryan Jacobs
    Class/Type: Star wars RPG / Scoundrel/Soldier (Medic)
    Description: (one liner stated while fighting a sith lord who killed a pc) “Anything you can do, I can UNDO”
    Dice: KPL12353

  37. Name: Papa Stogie
    Class/Type: Gnome/Illusionist
    Description: Papa Stogie: The three foot gnomish illusionist pervert with a six foot magical beard and a sock puppet wife.
    Dice: Festive Carousel 7-Dice Set

  38. Name: Quarion “Quarry” Thysson
    Class/Type: Artificer (4e, with a clockwork construct focus)
    Description: “Don’t worry about them, my clockwork friends are harmless. I, however, am not”
    Dice: Steampunk Brown & Yellow 7-Dice Set

  39. Name: Qikehuet “Qi” Machikoen
    Class/Type: Barbaria/ Frost Mage
    Description: Qi, as a barbarian raised bear/human hybrid, has had to learn some very interesting lessons about manners: “No, come back! I can not eat you! You have not been marinated yet!!”
    Dice: blue/steel 7 dice set, for the ice and storms she wields.

  40. Name: Andrea Threk’ Tulsan zan Khanderai (D&D 3.5 Drow)
    Class/Type: Fighter/Rogue/Cleric of Vhaeraun
    Description: “If it were done when ’tis done, then better it were done secretly!”
    Dice: Translucent Purple 7 die set.

  41. Name: Gargl the Pirate Cook
    Class/Type: Iron Soul Monk (D&D 4E)
    Description: How do you tell a 7-foot tall gnoll that the gruel he makes is horrible?
    Dice: Gemini Purple-Green 7-Dice Set – The color of Gargl’s most recent stew

  42. Name: Sylaera Aleavalsa
    Class/Type: Elf Bard/Rouge
    Description: “Magical traps only go off once. Right?”
    Dice: CHX26440

  43. Name: Hex Chance from Ilelish (2907)
    Class/Type: Suerrat Engineer in Traveller
    Description: ships engine problems, bombs about to go off, repairing a gun during a battle, you will find Hex there screaming, “I can fix it!”
    Dice: CHX26423

  44. Name: Alixia (Alice) Rosaceae
    Class/Type: Pathfinder Druid
    Description: Originally appearing as a ferocious lycanthrope, Alice now dons her vivid red cloak and travels with the pathfinders, her bright blue eyes always facing darkness with curiosity and strength.
    Dice: Scarab Blue Blood 7-Dice Set

  45. Name: CC-3007 “Crosswired”
    Class/Type: Soldier “Clone Trooper”
    Description: CC-3007 was dropped by the medical drop during infancy, since then his neurons have never really fired in the same sequence as the rest of his clone brothers.
    Dice: CHX23604

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  47. Name: Ruben Rust

    Class/Type: Human Infernal Warlock (4th Edition)

    Description: A young, reluctant warlock on the run from his well-connected demon cultist of an uncle, trying to find the means to live a life free of the darkness that has haunted him for the entirety of his life.

    Dice: Dice bundled with the 3rd Edition Starter Kit

  48. Name: Rell
    Class/Type: Master Collector
    Description: I’ve been stabbed, possessed, thrown overboard, and propositioned by the male members of the party, or at least Chip whose member is bigger than even he can handle, and all of this was by other members of CrIsis; what can a god do to top that?
    Dice: Just give me the bag, since they don’t offer Fudge dice.

  49. Name: Reaper
    Class/Type: Nova
    Description: Reaper erupted when she tried to kill herself and ended up touching Death himself (her words) and gaining Entropy and Time controlling powers.

  50. Name: Smithereen
    Class/Type: Dwarf Fighter (D&D 4e)
    Description: One liner: “They say that beauty is only skin deep, but that’s OK – I don’t have x-ray vision…”
    Dice: CHX23001 (because they’re clear – x-ray vision)

  51. Name: Ama
    Class/Type: Rogue
    Description: Oh, you say your name is Loki? Cool…should I know you? [Succeeds in backstab with several critical successes, finds out who he actually was, and then charms him enough that he let her live.
    Dice: The green DnD 7-dice set would be lovely.

  52. Name: Snaryl of the Stinking Genitals
    Class/Type: Fighter
    Description: This mute former slave and arena fighter has forged quite a name for himself as a mercenary, as much for his skill wielding a battle axe as for the smell that seems to herald his arrival (say goodbye to Sneak and Diplomacy checks!)
    Dice: CHX27419

  53. Name: Chip Samuel Pico-Royas Linseth
    Class/Type: Sea Titan/Mage (Rifts/Palladium)
    Description: Chip is a finely crafted cocktail: 2 parts aesthetic drool, one part self-assured-swagger, and a dash of gutter-charm (using magic doesn’t hurt, either)… in other words, I remain… perfect!
    Dice: Glow in the Dark because i’m from Rifts Earth, Translucent because I’m… y’know… totally see-through. Guile-less.

  54. Name: Usagi
    Class/Type: (D&D3.5 – Complete Arcane) Half-Elven Warlock – Magical Girl
    Description: When the Warlock powers in her bloodline began to manifest, Usagi didn’t like the dark and evil effects of her abilities, and through sheer force of her bubbly personality she altered the appearance of her powers to pink and rainbows and sparkles, allowing her to become the Hero of Love and Justice she always wanted to be.
    Dice: The purple color matches her bubbly personality (pink would be even more appropriate) and the transparent, gem-like quality represents her pure heart, but the sharp edges represent the killer instinct and darkness that she tries to suppress. (

  55. Name: Lord Adric Sunborough aka ‘Your Lordling’ or ‘The Brat’
    Class/Type: (AD&D 2nd edition) Fighter/Mage child
    Description: “But it’s okay Caladon, it wasn’t a ‘real’ virgin; we polymorphed a cow – and dropped it over the Drow village for the Red Dragons to play with.”
    Dice: Speckled Silver Volcano 7 dice set (model # CHX25344)

  56. Name: Kraytol Urbrister
    Class/Type: homebrewed battle cleric Priest (D&D 3.5e)
    Description: A minotaur who is a curious combination of exceeding wisdom and utter stupidity, Kraytol’s poo-powered spells are perfectly represented by scarab jade swirls flecked with gold and tumbling across the table to aid his allies and fell his foes.
    Dice: (Scarab Jade 12d6 Dice Set)

  57. Name: Lt. Ulman
    Class/Type: New York Cop (Call of Cthulhu Home Brew system- Heroic Cthulhu)
    Description: After (physically) surviving an encounter with a “Being John Malkovich” type door he became completely and utterly obsessed with the colour red; dressed all in red, had his lawn and dog dyed red, set up a modern day Red Headed League to help out redheads with any sort of problem, wore red-tinted sunglasses so everyone appeared to be a redhead.

  58. Name: Kory
    Class/Type: level 21-Rogue/level 2-Diety (area of influence: Procreation. Most revered by: Dwarves)
    Description: A witty, clever (to the point of ridiculousness with the aid of her cloak and its Tuna of Sanctuary and other magic fish), chaotic, cloak of holding and little-black-book having, halfling with a strong hand in the politics of the empire, and the chosen of Loki — in bed and out.
    – as colorful, creative, and hard to pin down as Kory.

  59. Name: Father Thomas
    Class/Type: Judge (Hunter: The Reckoning)
    Description: Priest turned Batman-esque vigilante, uncontrollably spewing prayers when he’s forced to kill.
    Dice: CHX27214

  60. I’m so stealing that image! I was going to let folks pull fortune cookie-like bits of info about things their character saw/noticed over an unspecified short period of time (few days/couple weeks) & have them all explain it in a way that their character would have seen, noticed , or be involved in somehow…. Those fortune cookie strips are about to get a whole lot bigger & have an image attached 😛

  61. Name:  Kenari Sanura

    Class/Type: Rogue/Gatecrasher/Jaunter Catfolk

    Description: This female Catfolk rogue from Mulhorand is travelling across the planes on the haunted Hammership Nomad searching for their missing gods.

    Dice: Bronze 7-Dice Set

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  63. Brecken “Brick” MacDall
    oWoD Martyr Creed Hunter
    A simple country punk from Jacksonville, Florida, Brecken MaDall is just a guitar-playing loser… Until he hears a scream in the cold night air.
    “When the ghouls are in your neighborhood, when the rots are raisin’ hell? Don’t cry, don’t hide, don’t scream – Just THROW A BRICK!!”

    Dice: Bronze 7-Dice Set

  64. Name: Xorial
    Class/Type: 2e Bard
    Description: Half-Elf bard from the Forgotten Realms. Survivor of the Avatar/Time of Troubles adventures. Went into Wildspace and helped save the known spheres from the Vodoni invasion. Last seen searching for the Spelljammer, herself.
    Dice: Gemini Black-Purple

  65. Name: “The Champion”
    class/type: Psion/telepath
    One Liner: “I wouldn’t care if they were the God damn Red Sox starting line up, Orcs are people and we have to help them!”

    Dice: Bronze 7-Dice Set

  66. Norma-Jean Riley-Smith
    Renegade Rennesance Gal (DFRPG Pure Mortal)
    Description: Trouble follows her everywhere, and if she ever can’t use her smokin’ looks to get her out of a tense situation, her shotgun and her motorcycle can handle the job pretty darn well.

  67. Uhmm…. Why am I just now getting this on my facebook page!?!?!? It’s been over before I seen it???? Not cool!!

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