Haste! 2 Year Anniversary Show – RPG Bundles, Published Adventure Pitfalls, and More!

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We bring with heavy hearts the bad news that legendary author Jack Vance has passed away. If you’ve played D&D in some format or another you have been touched by his work, if you were unfamiliar with him we suggest reading more about his amazing life.

Also the fine folks at d20Burlesque need some help getting to cons this year, if you’d like to see one of their shows at a con you’re going to or if you just appreciate half-naked nerds consider pitching in.


Tabletop DropDeadly Sins of Published Adventures

A good yet infinitely-debatable post up on Stargazers world has us wondering, what do you use published adventures for? So many things with them can just go wrong or seem to over complicate things, do you idea mine them like we do?

RPG Bundles for Charity

Recently we’ve seen a few projects in the tabletop RPG space pop up that are very similar to the Humble Bundle videogame pay-what-you-want packs. Namely the Tabletop Drop and the Bundle of Holding and while these are great both in value and in cause we are wondering exactly how practical/usable they actually are.

2 Years In Retrospective

Haste has been around for 2 years now, where did we come from and where are we headed? What makes you want to listen to the next episode? We really want to know! Thank you all for listening to us for this long!

Tip Corner

Gaming may come with huge spikes and droughts for some of us, but don’t always jump on the first chance you have to start up a group. Jumping into an ongoing campaign with near-strangers can lead to some disastrous situations. Feel everyone out first, play some one shots, invite them over for a non-RPG function to see how you mesh before “jumping into the sack” with them for a long campaign. It may save you a lot of time and headache.

Twitter Poll

@ForbesTay (Taylor Forbes) asks: When wanting to play multiple systems should we alternate weeks or do mini campaigns?

Listen to find out!

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