Haste – Episode 23: Guest Host James Stowe. Cthulhu Wrapping Paper, Dragon Minis, At-Will Closes

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Today we’re joined by cartoonist and illustrator James Stowe whom you probably know from his awesome D&D For Dads custom character illustrations/sheets we talked about a while back. He’s got some cool stuff going on including working with Daniel Solis and doing some custom character designs for JourneyQuest!

We’d also like to remind you that the d20Monkey caption contest is just begging to be captioned with all of your witty holiday-cheer infused charm. You can also win a copy of Scott Fitzgerald Gray’s new bookA Prayer for Dead Kings and Other Tales


Cthulhu Wrapping Paper

What better way to share the magic of the holidays than with Cthulhu wrapping paper? Every gift is like a relic of the dead god himself, waiting to sap the sanity from all those wide eyed gift openers who dare unlock his secrets! Eric Bauer of gaming paper has a kickstarter up to do just that, check it out!

D&D Dragon Mini Collector Set

There’s another set of minis on the horizon from WotC, this time: Dragons. Similar to the Beholder collectors box of mini’s this one features a series of dragons, some of the molds are new as well. These kinds of things have a limited run so if you want your chance, grab em’ before they’re gone!

The At-Will Blog Closes It’s Doors

In recent, rather unfortunate news, a very predominant 4e D&D blog has decided to call it quits. Quinn Murphy of the At-Will blog let us all know that he was done, and seeking new endeavors. His post was quickly followed up by a “4e is Dead” by Ryven Cedrylle. James and I discuss.

Tip Corner

Did you know you can download backups of your campaigns? Just go to the campaign, click “edit settings” and jump all the way to the bottom of the page.

Twitter Question

@Drubskin asks:  What are your guys favorite iPad/iPhone apps that help with your games?

Listen to find out!

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