Haste! Player Wealth Alternatives, Custom Dice, Spinelessly Winding Down A Campaign, and more!

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During a prior discussion on haste regarding racial slurs, we forgot about humans! Thanks for the reminder Reddit! Congratulations to GM Ashtmw on being one of our 3 winners for our Birthday contest with his holiday Year’s Dawning. It’s simple, and chock full of adventure hooks. He’s won a year of Ascendant membership, some OP schwag, and $25 to spend at DriveThruRPG! Tune in next week to hear about our second winner!


sg_20050311a_medAlternatives To Player Wealth

Going by a discussion on reddit, Micah and I discuss some alternative systems for wealth in RPGS. Are they better, do your players want them? Lots of stuff to consider but definitely possibly another option for eliminating minutiae.

Custom Dice Kickstarter

You’ve still got some time to snag a bundle of totally custom D6’s with this great Kickstarter we stumbled across. We suggest you make something personal for you and your players, a great way to really customize or commemorate your campaign. Check it out!

Lasers and Feelings

Micah has recently started playing Lasers and Feelings as an offshoot to his regular group, and we’re here to talk about his first impressions with the system and also a few tidbits of advice. He’s also began documenting his game on OP, so be sure to check it out.


@Deuteriumice asks: Are there any recommendations you wind down a dysfunctional RPG group?

Tune in to find out! 

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  1. Ok guys this spineless lie to players thing is … Bad! OMG! Joking but not totally joking. 🙂 I’d love to either write y’all a long post about handling social groups and teams or even just talking to you about it.
    I’ve got a background leading different sorts of groups and lots of rpg… But when it comes to dealing with asking people to leave a group it’s pretty much the same no matter what type of group you are in and handling it the sneaky spineless way just tarnishes your own reputation.