Update Post – April 20, 2024

Hail, Portal People!

The season clock has chimed again, so it’s time for another reckoning. See below for all of the new features and bug fixes that were added to OP since the previous Update Post.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • Fixed missing space in Approve Custom JavaScript popup message.
  • Show and Hide Characters and Items with a hide class instead of show/hide functions so that display css is not added to the div which can interfere with Custom CSS that the Campaign is using.
  • To standardize Characters and Items, changed: character-avatar to content-avatar, character-list-item-container to content-list-item-container, character-list to content-list, character-info to content-info, character-search-area to content-search-area, character-quick-search to content-quick-search
  • Don’t enable dsfu fields in show mode if the visitor can’t edit the WikiPage, Character, or Item.
  • Fixed bug where dsfu checkboxes stay enabled when the visitor can’t edit the WikiPage, Character, or Item.
  • Updated Keepers of the Portal with the current members of the CotM Committee.
  • Added color5 to the theme css and standardized the headings and add color5 to the Characters index PLAYER CHARACTERS AND NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS.
  • Removed the inline styling for secondary headings on Character index.
  • Used hide-pcnpc-text class to hide the secondary-headings.
  • Set pc and npc class directly.
  • Populate the content-list sections based on the data-filter css selector.
  • Hide empty section headings and changed filters to use a class that’s not marked !important.
  • Hide the character tiles until all loading is done.
  • Characters index uses Custom Character Layout if present.
  • Added help article link for Custom Character Layout.
  • Added Custom Items Layout.
  • Items section is now polished and working well and fully supported.
  • Background work banning bots to keep the system more stable.
  • Fixed slow save when a wiki page has lots of wiki links.
  • When click ‘Change IMG’ on Item or Character, jump to the avatar image on the Edit view.
  • Make the campaign-text-area sections show as they will when the javascript is fully loaded so the page doesn’t shift so much.
  • Style the tags boxes so they look similar to the text boxes on the Edit forms.
  • Fixed left shift of the “Add tags” placeholder after Edit page loads.
  • Sized the default select so that it takes up the same space as the dropdowns that get loaded.
  • Moved the margin-bottom on to the dynamic_sheet div instead so that it doesn’t show when no DST is selected, which shifts the layout of the page on load.
  • Fixed small shift in Edit screens due to sizing difference between MarkItUp textarea and initial textarea.
  • Fixed minor shift in Character Edit due to Private Character checkbox changing margin on load.
  • Fixed bug where wiki links were not being processed after Save.
  • Fixed the site.webmanifest to not throw a CORS error.
  • Fixed bug with Outlook Calendar not being able to subscribe to the Campaign Calendar.
  • Fixed bug where intermitently a logging in member would be shown an sso page with just a line of JSON.
  • Added id to Character Wish Lists and Goals section to enable anchored jumping.
  • Fixed bug. If the member does a right-click paste into a CkEditor, then the CkEditor tells them there is a browser security requirement that they re-paste the copied data in this popup. That re-paste was then getting lost due to this error.
  • Fixed copy/paste images into CkEditor window.
  • Fixed bug where New WikiPage, Item, and Character tried to pull a styelsheet that didn’t exist when Editing an entity without a selected DST.
  • Added auto-login to the Creating/Updating Wiki Pages, Adventure Logs, Characters, and Items notification emails.
  • Added auto-login to the Campaign Calendar notification emails.
  • Fixed bug where creating a new account sometimes showed an error.
  • Fixed bug where the Campaign Updates Stream had links that would login a non-logged-in visitor as the member that made that update.
  • Sped up loading Campaign Media Library.
  • The popup sometimes gets confused and leaves the grey background up after the popup has closed. This was effectively locking the screen. Now, clicking on the grey background will make it go away.
  • Choosing a new theme for the Campaign now resets the PC/NPC Title Campaign color to the suggested color. Reset to suggested colors also now works for the PC/NPC Title.
  • Increased button font-weight.
  • Set footer links on campaign public facing pages to be grey.
  • Set the “Reset to suggested colors” link to grey.
  • Removed title class from h1s because it was leaving an odd double underline.
  • Matched design of Manage Friends to Manage Favorites.
  • Made the selected Month Year Order on the Adventure Log stand out more.
  • Loading embedded PDFs directly, instead of loading them through Google Docs PDF Viewer, because intermittently the PDFs wouldn’t load.

Game on!

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