Haste! Reaper Bones 2, Numenera Licensing, Reforging Updates!

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None, on with the show! This one’s a juicy one!


jpegReaper Bones Kickstarter II

Reaper has done it again with another Bones Miniatures Kickstarter, this one funded…in 2minutes. Should you back it? Are we backing it? We discuss in depth and want to know your thoughts!

Numenera Licensing

Several blog posts have arisen regarding Monte Cook Games’s policy on licensing for Numenera. There’s a fan guidelines as well as a legit license policy online and have generated some interesting posts so far, ranging from the positive to the negative there’s surely a lot of discussion going on. Tune in to find out more.

Reforging Mini-Campaign Update

Since the Reforging Micah has been playing around in the Deadlands as opposed to his usual Dark Heresy campaign. He gives us an update on how that’s going. Hint: Players don’t need to know the rules was a bad idea. A better idea was to assign each player a different set of rules to know. Everyone is loving SW/Deadlands, will they go back to DH?!

Tip Corner: Reforging Update

We’re in the final stretch, almost everything has been ported over. Micah has bee running his new Deadlands campaign on the test site for a while now and he’s loving it. We plan to launch sometime in October, shooting for the 20th or the 27th!


@BeerStarGames asks: Which of your characters has had the best beard?

Listen to find out!

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