Haste! Saving You The Pain, Wearable Dice Rings, Christmas Gifts for Gamers & More!

Episode 64|


There’s a new Caption Contest with lots of prizes this time just for the holidays, don’t miss out on your chance to win them!


Saving You The Pain

Chris Pramas, head of Green Ronin publishing, creator of the Dragon Age RPG, 2e Warhammer Fantasy, among many other things has started up a tumblr entitled “Saving You The Pain“. At first we thought it would just be a gag website but he’s actually posting to it regularly with some really insightful stuff. The tumblr focuses on MMO’s and game design in general and his believe that we should be dumping a million dollars into tabletop games instead of MMO’s. Be sure to check it out, and toss us your 2 cents in the comments!

Note: Chris contacted us and said that he didn’t start the tumblr as a response to Paizo in particular, but that it was something he’s been thinking about for a long time.

Wearable Dice Rings

Do you hate dice? Like rings? Novelties? Just cool new gaming stuff? If any of those things apply you’ll want to check out and possibly back this Kickstarter. The novelty seems like it may wear thin with some, but we think they are cool. How long do you think these will hold up against the wear & tear of regular gaming? Talk to us!

Christmas Gifts for Gamers

We did this last year so we’re going to make it a tradition. Micah and I discuss our hot top 3 gamer gifts we want for Christmas this year. We discuss gateway gifts and practical gamer stocking stuffers. What did we miss? Do we have horrible taste? What do YOU want?



Tip Corner

Use Obsidian Portal to set up pre-game or pre-campaign guidelines to help speed things along before you actually sit down at the table. Don’t overload players with every decision, but give them a few to think about before they show up.

Twitter Question

Michael (@OnlineDM1) asks: What are your go-to board games or other fun options when an RPG session falls through or is delayed?

Listen to find out! (Hint: Not Apples To Apples because Micah despises it.)

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  1. Our rings have no bearings and we will be posting a video soon of the rings being abused and the results!

    We also have a video of spinning a ring for the probability. We will be comparing that to tumble polished die soon!

    Thank you for the shout out!!

  2. And I thought I was done with Kickstarter… then suddenly Fate Core, ICONS Greater Power, and now Dice rings!. Darn it!

  3. Thanks again for the Podcast. I agree that the dice rings would be better on single die games. For games with multiple type rolls needed, maybe not so good. I don’t wear rings anyway but for those who do, and play a game with just d6’s (for instance) then this is great. For me, not so great. But the promo video is really excellent and very funny!

  4. The Dice Ring kickstarter ended and I selected 3 rings. 1d20 Ring (for my Mutants and Masterminds needs) and one Fudge ring for my FATE needs. Then one of the fluffy rings for my wife because I’m a good husband like that 😉

  5. I’ve been working my way through the podcasts and decided to stop and comment on the change in intro and outro music: I love it. There was nothing wrong with the music the podcast had been using for the past 50+ episodes, but this new one is excellent. Is that taken from a song or did you guys create that specifically for the podcast?