Haste! ENWorld Hacked, N.R.G Kickstarter, Salvaging A Campaign & D&D Character Nightmares!

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A cool little app that was brough to our attention RPG Ambience is definitely worth checking out, so be sure to do that! Also, don’t forget that there’s a new Caption Contest with lots of prizes this time just for the holidays, don’t miss out on your chance to win them!


ENWorld Hacked 🙁

It appears that recently one of the biggest RPG websites out there has been hacked. ENWorld has stated so on their front page and are looking to rebuild things piece by piece but it seems like it’s going to be quite a task. Apparently code was lost, and lots of data as well. Micah and I give our condolences and talk about silver linings here. Here’s to a brighter, more secure future for ENWorld!

Saga of Dragon Star & the N.R.G. Core Rules

The Gamesmith LLC guys have a kickstarter up for their N.R.G. Core rules along with a Fantasy Western setting entitled “Saga of Dragon Star” up as a double-whammy kickstarter. The project looks really great and has a focus on tactical and strategic combat, if you are into that we suggest you go check it out as they don’t have much time left!

Salvaging A Campaign

The guys over at Gnome Stew have a great little article up about salvaging a campaign, retcon’ing and a lot more matters dealing with the demise of an epic story. How do you avoid or revive games when these things happen? We discuss!

Tip Corner

Have an in-game forum, and a meta-game forum to keep those two worlds separated. It helps!

Twitter Question

@KiloGex (Jesse) asks: What D&D race/class combination would you NEVER want to play, even under torture?

Listen to find out! 

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