A couple of updates

A few updates tonight. Just a couple small things I’ve been working on.

Jump to campaigns instantly

Campaign Quick Jump

A constant source of pain for me is trying to get to a particular campaign. I’ve heard grumbles from many of you as well, so I decided to simplify things a bit. I’m not sure if this is the permanent location, as I may move it around somewhere else, but the campaign quick jump bar is here to stay. Just choose the campaign you want to jump to and you’re there.

Requesting new dynamic character sheets

We want to know what systems are the most requested for dynamic character sheets. I have my theories, but I thought I’d set aside my guesses and leave it up to all of you. Now you request a DST for any given system. I’ll keep an eye on the votes, and we’ll be offering cash bounties to anyone willing to make one of the more requested ones. More on that later.

Email Notification Tweaks

When I started playing with this I had no idea the rabbit hole I was heading down. Now, after further complaints, I’ve modified it so that if you’re editing a page and set it to gm-only, then it will unselect any non-gm to receive email notifications. You can re-select them if you wish, but then why are you setting it to gm-only if you want people to know about it?

That’s it. As always, we’re constantly moving and never sitting still. Every time you log in, something’s a little bit different. It keeps things exciting, to say the least!

Award Winning!

Gold ENnie for Best Website 09'-11'

Silver ENnie for Best Website, Best Podcast 2012-2013
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