AwesomeDice Pound O’ Dice Giveaway

Free Pound Of Dice, What?!

We’re back again with another cool giveaway from AwesomeDice.com, this time their mascot Balthazar wants to rid himself of his recently opened Pound O’ Dice. Unsatisfied with how ugly his dice were, he needs you take them off his hands!



How To Enter

What we want from you is a comment below telling us a story about your ugliest, unluckiest, or most cursed die or set of dice. You can even just tell a good old dice horror story in any fashion and we’ll call it good. We’ll pick a random winner on Friday, June 15th and the dice genie at AwesomeDice will whisk them away to you. The only restriction is that you must be in the US or Canada in order to win, sorry guys!

Yeah, so do you want that entire pound of dice? You can never have too many after all! Also, they’re free! So tell us a story in the comments below, good luck!


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