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With convention season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to let the rest of the gaming community know about how great Obsidian Portal is. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), we’re not a huge mega-corporation that can afford to set up exhibits and hire booth babes to represent us everywhere. Instead, we’re going to rely on you, our awesome users, to get the word out. We want you to represent Obsidian Portal at your favorite conventions as an official Obsidian Portal Emissary.

Bringing illumination to the savages

Bringing illumination to the savages

First things first: we’re not asking you to stand on a corner handing out fliers. Instead, we just want you to go to your favorite conventions and meetups and play games like you always do. If there’s a good time during the game to mention Obsidian Portal, then by all means please do so. Hand out some fliers and stickers to the other people at your table. Tell them to check out the site. That’s it!

We don’t need a hardline sneaky salesforce. As most of you know, it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to get someone to like Obsidian Portal. Basically, once you give it a try, you’re hooked. The hardest part is letting people know that we actually exist. That’s where the Emissaries come in.

As an Emissary, we’ll send you a small kit with some stickers, fliers, and one of our snazzy t-shirts. Plus, you’ll also receive our deepest thanks and a free 3-month Ascendant upgrade. Toss the fliers and stickers into your gaming bag on the way to the con and you’re ready.

Obsidian Portal Needs You!

If you’re going to a convention, meetup, or anywhere gamers hang out, and you’re interested in representing Obsidian Portal as an Emissary, send me an email at [email protected]. Let me know your Obsidian Portal username, what conventions you’re going to, and when. We’re going to start small, with only a handful of Emissaries. If things go well, we’ll step it up. So, even if you don’t get selected at first, we may come back to you once we get the hang of it and are ready to ramp up.

Update: Full Up for GenCon

We’ve got plenty of people for GenCon, so we’re going to close that off for now. However, if there’s a small or local con in your area in the next month or two, we’d still like to get you hooked up.

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