Campaign Backups – A Happy Ending

This should be the final chapter of the campaign backups saga (see Part 1 and Part 2…or don’t, it doesn’t really matter).

After implementing the basic version, I posted a challenge to the community to come up with an XSLT for the backup to make it look like something other than computer vomit. I think it was well under 24 hours later that Kyle had a working stylesheet that did an awesome job of formatting the backup.

Now, when you download your backup, it comes as a .zip file that contains everything you need to view and navigate locally. Just unzip the file and load the .xml file from there in a browser. Voila! A totally slick local copy of your campaign.

This closes the book (for now) on the campaign backups, as they now cover the main functionality (ie. you get your data), with the added bonus that your data is actually in a usable format. In the future, we may revisit things to see about adding images and maps, but for now, I’m going to put a big check in the win column.

Thanks again to Kyle for all his hard work. If you download a backup and like the way it looks, drop by his blog and tell him thanks!

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