Thursday Feature – Creating a Merged World – Part 2

Author: Keryth987

In our last episode, we discussed the bare basics to creating our Merged Campaign World/Universe, and set up the beginnings of an Obsidian Portal site for said campaign setting. We’re basing our Campaign on the Superpowered Beatdown Video which pitted Darth Vader against Gandalf the Grey. I recommend viewing the video for a better picture of where we will be starting. Skip ahead to 3:48 in the video for just the battle.


“If you only knew the power of the dark side”

Based on the video, we established our baseline, that it takes place after Star Wars and Before Empire Strikes Back, that the events of those two movies have been derailed by Vader’s acquisition of The Ring, and subsequent dominance of The Empire, and that The Rebellion is in a shambles after a crushing defeat at what we have called, The Battle of Sullust.

Our Obsidian Portal site currently consists of a Landing Page, and the Main Page of our Wiki. We’re calling this campaign, “Sith Lord of the Rings” and to better follow the progress, I recommend Favoriting the campaign.


Our Wiki Page itself contains 4 sections:

  • History
  • The Empire
  • The Rebellion
  • Player Character Information

As Discussed at the end of our previous Episode, we will focus on the History of of this Universe, and creating a page on our wiki that details this. This is where our Campaign Universe will begin to take shape. Something to keep in mind here. None of what we put is written in stone and all can be modified easily as needed. When we get to writing up the current states of The Empire and The Rebellion, many of the things we put here MIGHT require modification.

That said, let’s have some fun here. First off, we don’t want to have to create all the prehistory for Star Wars. That’s already done for us on The Star Wars Wiki. So, we’ll include a link to the timeline, with a note stating where our timeline veers off from Canon.

After adding this link and its note, we begin creating a history for our Campaign Universe. To keep it simple, we will use VR to dictate the years of Vader’s Rule (1 VR, 2VR, etc.). However, first we need to complete the events leading up to Vader’s Rule, replacing those Canon events after the event which reads “Yavin Evacuation”. For the sake of reference, we include several of the Canon events leading up to our break point.


The History page, as it stands, can be seen above. With a little imagination, an inside joke or two, and alot of fun, we’ve created a brief history of the first year of Vader’s rule, hidden Arda, created Gandalf the White, and destroyed The Rebellion, while keeping the main Star Wars characters alive. As can be seen, one change leads to others. Because The Battle of Sullust happened, The Battle of Hoth, never did. Also., with Vader killing Palpatine before then, he no longer knows that Luke Skywalker is his son. Luke is off training, and Leia and Han are now in hiding, Han searching for the source of the Ring.

While this provides an interesting read, and saves a lot of Canon characters, the important thing here is the possibilities for campaigns are endless. You could focus on the search of Arda. Another possibility would be a group of characters FROM Arda making their way into the Galaxy to find the Ring. Still another could be a campaign revolving around thwarting the plans of Vader in his efforts to locate the remnants of The Rebellion. Just a few examples.

And that concludes this episode. Next time we’ll focus on The Empire and its current state under Darth Vader.

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