Dragonspear Castle Caption Contest

The Caption Contest Is Back!

Did you miss it? We sure did! It’s back now and it’s got some icing on the cake this time too, in case you’re new or you forgot how all of this works it’s pretty simple. You submit a comment to this blog post with a single caption for this comic and at the end of the month you might win a prize, read onward for more! (Click comic to enlarge)


Congratulations to the caption winner Mike P. with his caption:


“The Dark God Ruxpin requires tribute if story time is to continue.”


Also congrats to Thrakazog who is our randomly selected winner for the Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle D&D module!

Win A Copy of A Gencon Exclusive D&D Next Adventure, What?!

Did you miss out on heading to Gencon this year? Were you really looking forward to snagging a copy of the exclusive D&D Next Adventure Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle? Don’t want to pay the absurd prices people are selling it for on eBay? Well here’s your chance to win a copy and all you have to do is try and be funny! Everyone who submits an entry for this month’s caption contest is going to be randomly entered into a drawing that will net one lucky winner a copy of Dragonspear.

But Wait, there’s More!

Of course, whomever d20Monkey and ourselves decide had the funniest caption will still be winning a free month of Ascendant time, their caption featured on d20Monkey.com at a later date, a T-shirt, and whatever other miscellaneous schwag we can shower you with!

Contest ends midnight (CST) on September 30th, and the winner will be contacted shortly after. Remember one caption per comment, and leave as many as you like! May the funniest gamer win!


About Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle takes characters from 1st to 10th level, complete with pregens, a bestiary, and everything else you need to hit the ground running. It utilizes the D&D Next playtest rules and features a rather varied set of adventures.

GoDC provides a nice solidified play experience for it if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like downloading all the new playtest packets and trying to keep up with all of D&DNext’s updates. The book clocks in at 279 pages and is jam packed with art, funny designer notes, maps, and one of the most gorgeous character sheets we’ve ever seen.

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  1. “It was an interesting turn of events when Johannes’ player ate the last of our Game Master’s Teddy Grahms…”

  2. With that, Bilyr’A, the evil wizard who had unleashed Miley on the Teddy Bear Kingdom, was driven from their land forever.

  3. A shocking turn of events followed Harolds poorly worded wish for his childhood fluffy Mr. Bear to be alive. It turns out the fluffybear race are rather intolerant of intruders.

    • Why you should never desecrate the great Teddy Bear God his follows become very aggressive when their sacred foid is taken it also helps to have Feather fall memorized guess I shouldnt have skipped that lesson oh well tòooooo lateeeeee nowwwwwwwww

  4. On the whole, Jim thought, this was a better fate than being treated to another round of their version of the “Care Bear Stare.”

  5. After definitely proving that bears do in fact “crap in the woods” Johan also discovered that they do not treat voyeurs kindly.

  6. This week on Dungeons & Dragons, Presto learns that Endor is home to an entirely different genre altogether, and Diana remembers that she still has an underdeveloped class designed for a very specific niche.

  7. Meanwhile, across the valley, Farmer Ted wondered why his seed pouch was full of nothing but yards of silk tied with cords.

  8. It was then that Humphrey the Magnificent finally wondered about the honesty of his diminutive Ted Tribe adopted family, who claimed that one had to be thrown from the nest to learn how to fly…..

  9. When faced with the jagged cliffs of the Hairibo isle, or another 20-hour cuddle session with the natives, Tenser made the sensible choice.

  10. “Had to do just one more Ted joke didn’t you Gerald?” “We’ll meet you at the bottom to see if we can get the stuffing back in!”

  11. It turns out that the one thing the Ursalings hate more than the monkey-pirates who desecrated their temple is teddy bear jokes.

    “Get it? He’s stuffed! Wait, I have mooooorrrreee!”

  12. chief: come back you thief!!! no one steals the sacred gummy recipe from us, no one.
    guard: what shall we do my chief?
    wizard: i shall now sell this recipe to betty crocker and you will never see me again.
    guard: well at least it wont be duncon hinzes, my chief.
    chief: or that insane marie claire or her partner sara lee.

  13. So does this mean your not interested in hearing the good word of Lord Hugs-a-lot true diety of all cute wittle bearsy, wearsies?

  14. “Warchief Button-Eyes, you fool! The human has our sacred ring of warmth! How now shall we stand before the idol of Mr. Ruggles and proclaim ourselves all snuggly-wuggly?!?”

  15. Unfortunately, my character does not know that the cloak of the bat does not work in daylight . . . . he jumps, “I’m Batman”, he yells out!

  16. After they had slain and eaten the Thundercats, not even a disguised Mumm-Ra would be safe from the dreaded Robear Berbils.

  17. 1000 WAYS TO DIE # 942: This tale involves a kindly wizard whose offer of honey roasted nuts was taken as insult because of the Bear People’s tree nut allergy. He was then flung to his death from a high cliff.

  18. Vin had not expected the picnic to end this way. In retrospect he had been warned, “If you go out to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise.”

  19. The spell that turned the bear-folk’s gigantic leader into stone had the unexpected side effect of removing all the ground from Wizindar’s previously flawless escape route.

  20. Singing:
    Look for the bear monstrosities
    The killer bear monstrosities
    Forget about cute furries and your life.
    I mean the bear monstrosities
    Will help a bugger rest in peace
    Toss you from a cliff and end your strife.

  21. Having angered the Grizzly tribe once too many, Mr. Burns the Wizard was forced to jump off the cliff to save his own skin. He wondered if he would ever see his precious “Bobo” ever again…

  22. Many Chicagoans could finally rest easily knowing that William “The Fridge” Perry’s long-awaited journey to the big screen was finally complete.

  23. In an attempt to communicate with the angered Ewok’s, Edmond gets carried away demonstrating how he came to Endor….

  24. “Tell them to use your magic,” he said. “Tell them you’ll get angry,” he said. Last time I take advice from Luke…

  25. Wendel “Dorothy” Dumbledore realized he was in the wrong story when they started chanting “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

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  27. And, as you can see here in these cave paintings, the concept of “Safety First” went through a lot of trial and error when it was still second and third.

  28. Broadway producers of “Wicked” had originally considered a Warlock of the West, but when they’d reach the main song, “Gravity,” it was obvious that their only possibilities were “Spider-man, Turn Off The Dark” understudies.

  29. the tribe passed judgement – the wizard would meet a grizzly fate.
    he was deemed unworthy; he could not bear the responsibility.
    if only he had known of the bjørnærgrahams ahead of time…

  30. Negotiations having failed, and Gandaldore having been unable to figure out a way to seal away their dark god, he was made a sacrifice, so that the Pooh the Devourer would spare their village for another year.

  31. Running only to find the inept rather than adept young wizard plummeting to his death as he curses out loud, “awe bloody ‘ell you loveable huggable… aaahhh no please do not devour my soul I just wanted a hug!”

  32. Never good at math, Figgy Firefingers chose 3d6 falling over losing a spell slot. Afterall, he had 3 hit points to spare, and the adventuring day had just begun. It was a regretable decision.

  33. “Spent entire campaign dealing with gay elf jokes just to get killed by falling damage after the tank refused to block the midget bear tribesmen… Awesome.”

  34. Neither proud nor ashamed of the things he had done on the Isle of Furries, Nestor the Fabulous spent his remaining seconds on this planet reflecting on the marvels that he uncovered, and would die knowing his only regret was breaking a heart.

  35. Monster #1: how do you know he’s a wizard?
    Monster #2: You throw him off a cliff and see if he flys.
    Monster #1: what if he doesn’t fly?
    Monster #2: Then you know he’s not a wizard.