Haste! D&DNext Debate, Racial Slurs, Epic D&D Origin Story Winner & More!

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As of February 28th, Obsidian Portal is 8 years old now, so happy birthday to us! Stay tuned next week for a contest where you can win some of our birthday loot! We also share the same birthday as gaming great Wolfgang Baur, make sure to wish him a happy one too!


(Fake) Racism Is Fun!

While browsing Reddit’s RPG section lately we came across a discussion about using racial slurs in your game and we found some funny ones to boot. Ever call a troll a “bridge sitter”? We discuss using odd racial slurs in your game to make things more fun, while also seeming slightly more flavorful.

D&D Next “What Worked, What Didn’t”

We take to breaking down one of Mike Mearls’s more recent L&L posts regarding D&DNext about the rules that came and went. Is the advantage mechanic really that great? Are we really simplifying anything? Tune in and tell us what you think, especially if you are one of the play testers.

The Epic Reading of D&D’s Origin Story

We have finally chosen a winner for our re-write D&D’s origin story contest winner and Micah takes some time on the podcast to do it’s epic read-aloud. I’d post the text here but we think you should listen to find out!


This one comes from Dustin aka @WolfStar76 of Baldman Games from Winter fantasy, and the tip is simple: remember to have fun. Sounds crazy but I think we forget this one sometimes.


Jacob Ebelher (@Blackknight1239) asks How does one move players from mechanics first RPGs, to fiction first RPGs like Dungeon World and Edge of the Empire?

Tune in to find out! 

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