Haste! Extra Life, New Players, Describing Combat, “Chess Is Not An RPG” and More!

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Jerry is gaming for 24 hours straight this Saturday in order to help raise money for sick kids by taking part in the Extra-Life fundraiser. His team, Team Gazebo is comprised of himself, Dustin from BaldmanĀ Games, his wife, and a few local friends. They are raffling cool prizes off including D&D stuff, board game stuff, and PC games.

avatar_team_15980Hit the link for the team page for all the info on the raffles, their schedule, and where to watch their live stream!


Due Diligence on New Players

How much prep, interviewing, stalking should you do on a new player that is coming to your table? Micah and Jerry discuss, do you agree? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Don’t Describe Combat

A guest article up on Gnomestew talks about not describing combat, and letting your players do it themselves. While this may work for some groups, we’re not sure it would work in ours. Would it work in yours?

Chess Is Not An RPG

So, “Chess is Not an RPG” is getting a lot of play around the internet, so Micah and Jerry decided to take a stab at their opinion on the whole deal. Trying our best to not go into rant mode, we talk about the topic. Failed on avoiding rant mode, unfortunately.


Don’t be afraid to have new players take part in an intro session, knowing that they haven’t been included in the gaming group just yet. It may save you a lot of time and headache!


@Kilogex asks: How do you not be a GM in a game you’re not running? Is it possible to not be a “bad player” after tasting so much power?

Tune in to find out!

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