Four new site updates, 3/1/2010

Hail Adventurers!

We’ve been busy behind the portal making changes so you don’t have to! As you know, we’re dedicated to providing the best campaign management platform in the world, and that means that the changes are always fast and furious around here. Here’s what’s changed in our most recent round of updates.

1) Co-GM Functionality –Ascendant Members Only!

You’ve dreamt about it. You shouted about it. And we’re finally giving it to you! Just log into your account, open one of your campaigns, click on Manage Members, and the screenshot above says the rest! This feature is available to our Ascendant Members only. Why not become one today?

2) Improved Notification System –Ascendant Members Only!

Want your players to know about an important update to a page in your campaign? Or perhaps you’d like to share a particularly sensitive update with a single player? Now you can send automatic email notifications for any of your campaign pages!

Additionally, we’ve tweaked forum notifications so that each poster can control who gets notified for each post. It’s super nice! Just like the last feature, this one is only available to our Ascendant Members. Why not give it a go?

3) Changing your Username

This feature is available to all users! Did you enter in the wrong Username when you signed up? Does it haunt you throughout your day with a dark whisper in your mind saying “You did it wroooooong. I’m a scary voice in your heaaaaaaad!” Well fear not my deranged friend, because now you can change your Username!

If you’d like to change your Username, log into Obsidian Portal, click on “My Profile” and then “Edit My Account”. Your Username is the first thing on the page. Changing your username will change the URL for your profile and all the previous links to your Obsidian Portal user profile will no longer work! So be careful when you make the change, or the hauntings will continue forever.

4) 15 day free trial for new Ascendant Memberships!

All new Ascendant Memberships are eligible for a 15 day free trial! Simply choose the length of subscription you’d like and checkout with Amazon. If you don’t like your Ascendant Membership, cancel any time before the trial runs out and you won’t be charged a cent! Sign up today!

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