Free System Friday, 1/29/2010

It’s Free System Friday! Are you tired of your current table-top RPG system? Try a new one for free! Today’s system is Wayfarer’s Song (2nd Ed.) from Mythopoetic Games.

Wayfarer’s Song (2nd ed.)
Set in a world of snowy, pinnacled mountains, dark forests thick with mists and tangled thorns, grassy hills as green and silken as the seas: Mithgerd is a world in a mythic age, an age of god-like men and monsters. It is a world rich with magic, in which sorcery is not a tool of man, but a dangerous and corrupting power, age-old, natural and eternal. It is the world that existed before the gods who made the gods walked upon this green earth, a world in which the dim memories we have of gods and monsters have more than a little truth to them, and the heroic may bravely do what they may dare, and perhaps become legends themselves.

Grab the Core Rules and start playing today!

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