Free System Friday, 2/19/2010

It’s Free System Friday! Tired of your current RPG system? Try a new one for free! Last week, we gave you a great setting idea from the mind of designer Will Hopkins. This week: ICAR.

Icar is set in the far future, presently 92030. The human race has been through many wars but none as far reaching as the war that begun one thousand years ago. Now, the galaxy is split between a race of intelligent robots, called the Droids and the human race. The droids rarely impinge the territory of the human race, fighting amonst themselves they are little threat.

Watching over the human race is the Imperium, which is a benevolent organisation which desires the progress and survival of the race. The Imperium understands the gravity of its task. Without them, the human race would soon break apart. Of the three areas of space (called clusters) that humans control, one is rich and life is easy, one is industrially based and the third is still being colonised.

99% of the human race live and die without any knowledge of what is going under the surface of society. Gaia, a means of communicating in a virtual reality, has allowed subversive syndicates to operate within human space. The syndicates work either to make money illegally or to simply explore avenues of human existence that are denied to them by the Imperium.

The player characters begin as pawns in a huge space opera where millions of people’s lives are often at risk, by fighting for what they believe, they improve and grow in power until they are the ones holding the strings.

Grab some friends, grab the ICAR core rule elements, and make a new campaign today!

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