Free System Friday – Adventure Forge

It’s Free System Friday! Tired of your current RPG system? Try a new one for free! Today’s offering is Adventure Forge by Game Designer Stephen Gordon.

Adventure Forge is set in Europe a century after Rome fell to Germanic invaders. Roman tyranny is
dead, but so too is civilization. Much of what was known before is rotting away in musty books.
Treasures lie dormant in forgotten ruins. There is no magic, but the idea of magic has overtaken the
world as superstition has spread.

This setting is different in one major way from historical Europe. Small bands of Neanderthals have
survived in remote places. They stay away from large groups. Their appearance is rare enough that
people from larger towns are mostly unaware of their existence. The people who do know of them call
them “brutes.” Occasionally they attack remote villages for food and weapons. They are powerful
enemies individually, but they don’t fight in a coordinated fashion like other humans.

This is low fantasy RPG done right. Grab the rules, grab some friends, and play today!

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