Free System Friday: BattleTech RPG Quick-Start Rules

Boots on the ground, soldier! The universe is a-flame with war and you need to do your part.  Welcome to BattleTech.

It is a universe at war. Even as mankind reached out to command the stars, the human lust for conflict and conquest could not be overcome as easily as the distances of light years. Driven by the dream of one day ruling all of humanity, mighty empires formed, fell, and rose again. From the chaos of war arose the Star League, the pinnacle of human civilization, a Golden Age where a lasting peace and time of prosperity seemed possible at last. But greed, ambition, and treachery combined to tear it all down once more, plunging all of the worlds humans called home into centuries of simmering conflict.

Yes BattleTech, the old-standby. Well for this Free System Friday, we’re hooking you up with the BattleTech RPG Quick-Start Rules! It’s got everything you need (short of players and dice) to suit up and take the war among the stars to your living room. Why, it’s even got purdy pictures!

So? What are you waiting for? Grab some friends, grab your dice, grab the rules, and fight the good fight!

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