Free System Friday, Newsies & Pickpockets

Extra, Extra, Read all about it! It’s Free System Friday, and that means that we’re bringing you the best new thing in free to play RPG systems. Today’s offering is a limited time one my friends, as it is the Beta release of Newsies & Pickpockets!

Being a game of imagination, role-playing and wonder by Miguel de Luis, on the
adventures of a bunch of kids earning their pluck by their own in an Edwardian
world filled with crazed inventors, fagins, strange conspiracies and exotic
foreigners from countries you never heard about and an ounce of steampunk.
¦ Try by accident a flying machine and check if the moon is on fire!
¦ Dodge bullies and pickpockets.
¦ Expose corrupt politicians.
¦ Find the true story of your real family.
¦ Look for treasure in the sewers, mind the living statues.
¦ Live at the Newsboy Lodge.
¦ Travel to exotic locations.
¦ And more, much more.

So what are you waiting for kid? Get out there and Sell those papers!

P.S. Since this is a beta test, please send Miguel your feedback and thanks!

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