Free System Friday: Risus The Anything RPG

It’s Free System Friday! Feel like playing something new? Why not try something free while you’re at it! This week’s offering is Risus The Anything RPG by S. John Ross.


Risus is a complete Role Playing Game (RPG) designed to provide an “RPG Lite” for those nights when the brain is too tired for exacting detail. Risus is especially valuable to GMs assembling a quick convention game, or any late-night beer-and-pretzels outing. While it is essentially a Universal Comedy System, it works just as well for serious play (if you insist!). Best of all, a Risus character takes about 20 seconds to create

In my opinion stick figures are awesome, and stick figures with ray guns are only more so. Grab the rules, grab some friends, and play today! Don’t forget to drop S. John Ross a note of thanks, a critique, or a word of encouragement!

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