Free System Friday: Zoids – The Roleplaying Game

Every Friday, we introduce you to a new roleplaying game system. A free RPG system. This Friday is no different, Adventurers! This week we’re bringing you a special combo that’s close to my heart. Giant animal shaped robots, anime, and a wild and dangerous world. This week, it’s Zoids – The Roleplaying Game by Keith Foster.

Zoids are living mechanical organisms that can be piloted or roam free if let. Zoids can be either equipped with weapons or tools depending on the need. They’ve nearly replaced most vehicles on their home planet “Zi”. Zoids vary in shapes and sizes, always mimicking animals, whether they are actual, extinct, or mythical.

One night I got bored and actually designed a new Zoid in Hamapatch (A free 3D modeler). I named it the “Tracker Hound” and gave it a special ability to match its design. A week later I actually began writing rules for a role-playing game based on the Zoids universe and soon after I began bringing in my episode library so I could insert images from the series.

So this book is a result of boredom combined with an obsession. Due to copyright issues I cannot sell this book although I’d never want to. I’ve actually been offering it for free on my website for years. It’s just been recently that I’ve merged it all into one document so that I could put it up for download.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the rules, get your group together, and play Zoids – The Roleplaying Game today!

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