Haste! Boring Can Be Good, Joylessness, and Treasure First Adventure Design!

[powerpress] | Episode 112|


Last chance to caption the D20Monkey comic is today! We’ve also hired a background image designer so you’ll be seeing some new campaign backgrounds on OP in the near future!

We also discuss Firstbloom, our second birthday/holiday contest winner by GM Matt_Caulder!


OriginalDnD-254x300When Boring Is Good

We discuss a good read over on Monte Cook’s blog about playing some OD&D and how sometimes boring can be good. It all boils down to knowing the game you’re playing, let us know what you think!

Micah’s Rebuttle

We discuss the “joylessness” Micah was accused of and elaborate on the angle on gaming that we take here on the Haste podcast.

Treasure First Adventure Design

We really got a kick out of a recent installment of Troy’s Crockpot on Gnome Stew about designing a dungeon/adventure by thinking up the treasure first and then everything else afterward. A bit “inverse” for the norm we think, and a lot of fun too!


@svdpress asks: What strategies do you have for making dungeon maps more interesting or unconventional?

Tune in to find out! 

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