Haste! D&D Next Launches this Summer, New Year New Game, Gaming Resolutions.

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Congrats to Scott H, @Katokatonian, and @ProducerKeeper0 on winning the Baldur’s Cheer contest! Now, onto the show!


New Year New Game Contest

Gnome Stew is having another NYNG contest this year, we should be seeing more details on it soon so keep your eyes peeled. It’s a great way to get people to break out of the box and try something new for the new year!

Gaming Resolutions for 2014

Micah and I discuss our gaming resolutions for the new year, I’d hate to give them away in a topic blurb so I guess you’ll have to listen up!

D&DNext Launching Summer 2014

After 2 years in playtesting, with over 175,000 participants, D&DNExt will finally launch this summer. More details will be coming from WotC in the near future but for now we’ll just have to sit tight. Sounds like more than just a tabletop game too, Micah and I discuss!


Manda Collis (@Mandariffic) asks: How do you break up with a gaming group?

Tune in to find out! Hint: the answer is cowardice.

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