Haste – Episode 11: Gygax Biopic, D&D Miniatures, Top Picks from Gencon

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In case you haven’t heard, we won the golden ENnie for Best Website! We’d like to say thanks to everyone who voted and also congratulate the Pathfinder PFSRD crew on their silver ENnie! We’d also like to congratulate all our friends over at Critical-Hits and Gnome Stew awards as well. We’d also like to apologize for not podcasting at the con, as it turns out, we may have bored you all to death anyway.


Gary Gygax Biography Film

According to information published on the examiner that has now made its way all the way to the Wired Geekdad blog. There is a Gary Gygax biography film in the making, it is to be part biopic, part action. The film is rumored to have a “huge start” playing Gary and a $150 million dollar budget. Micah and I skeptically discuss.

D&D Miniatures Return!

Dungeons and Dragons miniatures are to return some time next year in the form of non-randomized themed packs/boxes to be used as part of a new ‘battle game’. The game is said to focus more on skill than luck by utilizing an action card system instead of dice. The game will undergo rigorous playtesting to achieve the best rules possible via open/closed beta testing (Source). Paizo has also announced more minis, but theirs will be random and part of an upcoming battle/skirmish game as well.

Top Product Picks from Gencon

We talk about the best take homes from gencon if we could have anything we wanted, with what little roaming of the exhibition hall and gaming we actually got to do these are the choices we came up with. Tune in to find out why!

Micah: Masks PDF, Fiasco

Jerry: Neverwinter Campaign Setting, Crappy Birthday, Dragon Age Set 2

Twitter Question

No one user them self is responsible for this question but we commonly are asked “Why use textile formatting?” Micah Answers.

Listen to find out!

Level 1 Podcasting Newbie Note: I (Jerry) have a new mic, can you tell a difference in the recording, how are the sound levels, have I leveled up to Apprentice podcaster yet? Let me know in the comments!

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