Haste – Episode 13: Co-hosted with Carl Bussler of Flagons & Dragons. Cthulhu, D&D Rubbish and GM Merit Badges!

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In this episode I give Micah a well deserved day off and hang out with the very cool Carl Bussler, of the exquisite (and ENnie nominatedFlagons & Dragons podcast. After listening to Haste, immediately go listen to one of their shows – these guys know gaming and they know beer too! Carl tells us what’s coming up on their podcast, including Zombie Month: wherein misadventures in hacking up pumpkins with ZombieTools and much more shall ensue all month long! In other news I should remind you that the Fiasco contest ends TOMORROW (8/30)!


Sandy Petersen Reviews his own game (Call of Cthulhu)

Sandy Petersen has recently taken time out over at RPGGeek to review Call of Cthulhu, his own game. The piece is very candid and a bit eye-opening, it’s definitely worth a read even if you’re not a Cthulhu fan/player because hey, who can’t appreciate a guy who retroactively reviews his own game? More game designers need to be doing this.

D&D Is Rubbish 

So, recently a grumpy British guy by the name of Nikolas Lloyd made a series of videos detailing all of his dissent with  D&D over the years. While he does touch on perhaps a good point or two, we kind of think his opinion is also rubbish and that D&D probably just isn’t his game. Why keep buying it if you don’t like it?

GM Merit Badges

Stuart Robertson, author of the Weird West RPG has created a series of GM merit badges to display various styles/aspects of the way you run your game. These are a really cool idea, not only for sites like Obsidian Portal but also to perhaps have as buttons or printouts for conventions so that players know what style of game they are getting into before playing. Carl and I theorize all the wondrous uses for them, and label ourselves with a few badges as well.

Twitter Question

@OnlineDM1 asks: How do you decide what treasure to hand out to your players?

Listen to find out!

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