Haste – Episode 20: Shadowrun Video Game, Pathfinder Beginner Box and Character Class Debate.

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None! Onto the topics!


Shadowrun Video Game Announced

That’s right, a new Shadowrun game has been announced, and as a browser game at that! The studio behind the game also had something to do with Jagged Alliance online, the Jagged Alliance series was notorious for being quite good so here’s to hoping this new Shadowrun title is.

Pathfinder Beginner Box Has Arrived!

The Pathfinder Beginner Box arrives this month, it’s got everything you need to start playing 15 minutes out of the box and will take characters all the way up to level 5. Comes with a paizo flipmat, minis, cardboard stand ups, full color books and a ton of more awesome stuff. Probably not a product for most Haste listeners (RPG adept) but will make a great intro into gaming for a lot of folks. Very cool, check out the unboxing video while you’re at it too!

Live Together, Die Alone

Monte Cook’s Legends & Lore article sparked some good debate earlier regarding character classes. Should they be self sufficient and able to stand individually, or thought of as puzzle pieces that make the sum of a groups parts greater than the whole? What about “must have” classes that are looked at as ‘mandatory’ in some games? Tune in as we discuss!

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Twitter Question

@Poorly_Designed asks: My group is getting together again after a 6 week break. Any thoughts on a good way to get them back into a gaming mood?

Listen to find out!

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