Haste – Episode 22: 3 Questions to Kick off A Campaign, Revengers, Geek Seekers

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We’ve got a brand new thanksgiving themed d20Monkey comic contest for you all to enjoy, so get out there and get on those one-liners for your chance to win some awesome OP prizes. We’ve also got a fresh Campaign of the Month for November – Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order, be sure to check out our interview (and the campaign) when you’re done listening to the podcast! We’ve also got an interview and giveaway with Wizards of the Coast Writer/Editor Scott Fitzgerald Gray about his new collection of sword & sorcery stories A Prayer for Dead Kings and Other Tales.

Now, onto the topics!


Three Questions to Start A Campaign

There’s a pretty good article over at Gnomestew about the three questions you’ve gotta ask when starting a new campaign. We delve into the questions and present our own anecdotes regarding the ins and outs of running games.

Will Hindmarch & Fred Hicks New Game: Revengers

Announced on Halloween, Revengers will be a game where you play as a ghost who solves or avenges crimes. According to the site, the game is still in very early stages of development and has no solid release date yet, it will use a heavily modified version of the gumshoe rules.

Geek Seekers

Monte Cook & Jen Page are putting together a new web series called Geek Seekers. It is a webseries that will debut in 2012 featuring them investigating aspects of the paranormal—ghosts, UFOs, bigfoot, etc. Episodes will be 10-15 minutes long, we’re not sure what to expect so stay tuned to find out more.

Tip Corner

The holidays are coming. Your game will be inevitably postponed for an undetermined amount of time. Micah provides some quick tips on surviving this state of holiday gaming hibernation.

Twitter Question

@DarkPatu asks: How do you work around spell components and what benefits do you provide for good roleplay?

Listen to find out!

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