Haste – Episode 25: Pathfinder MMO, HERO System Layoffs, Fourthcore Alphabet

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Paizo Announces Pathfinder MMO

big announcement over at Paizo recently shocked the RPG masses with their announcement of creating a Pathfinder MMORPG. The project is very early in development and appears to be by a company by the name of Goblinworks which is also headed by Paizo folk as well. No release date yet, so check the FAQ. Micah and I discuss and keep our fingers crossed for them!

HERO System Layoffs

Some sad news has come from the home front of HERO games, in that the three guys who have made up the company for the past 30 years are leaving the company. While they did not say it was certianly the end, it does sound like it. Their game system is known far and wide, this is a sad thing to see happen. We wish them the best.

The Fourthcore Alphabet

A really cool gaming aide for any game master called the Fourthcore Alphabet has recently been released, it was created by fourthcore founder Sersa Victory with artwork by Brian Patterson. Its a great tool for any GM, not just those who play 4e D&D, it isvery mechanically light and almost completely system neutral. The book is a goldmine for evocative and dark content generation for your games, it can be picked up in PDF or print at lulu.com and comes highly recommended by the OP crew.

Tip Corner

You can “gift” a character to another player (as the GM). This way, if you have a player who just refuses to put their character on the site, you can create it yourself and then give it to them. Just go to the edit character screen and scroll all the way to the bottom. From there you can choose who to give it to.

Twitter Question

@Poorly_Designed How often do you take story and encounter ideas and suggestions from your players?

Listen to find out!

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