Haste – Episode 3: OP Mobile Site, Gaming Chat, Lost City

Intro: “Mombasa” ~ Hans Zimmer
Outro: “Prelude: Signal Return” ~ Tiger Army


It’s been officially confirmed that Dave Chalker will be joining us for our wiki panel at GenCon this year. Also I (Jerry) will be attending Origins on the 23 & 24th this year so if you’re going be sure to find me and we’ll talk wiki’s and you might even walk away with some nice Obsidian Portal schwag!


Obsidian Portal Mobile Site

No, we’re not building an smartphone app, but we are launching our mobile friendly version of the site! Micah talks about building the mobile site and what you can expect, should be launched right around the time you hear this podcast. The mobile site is for all OP users, Ascendant and non!

RPG Chatrooms & Twitter Discussion

Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Blogs. If you don’t have enough ways to chat with people about RPG’s, D&D and other tabletop geekery as is – we’re going to give you some more! We discuss the new “4eDnD” irc chat channel run by Gamefiend of the At-Will blog, as well as the #RPGchat hashtag on twitter.

Lost City Release

Logan Bonner has just released the Lost City adventure via Kobold Quarterly’s open design model. Micah and I discuss the open design patronage model briefly, only after Micah explains that the first time he met Logan they had to sleep in the same bed together! The Lost City adventure is a paragon tier sandbox adventure for 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons that runs about $10, definitely check it out if you get a chance!

Twitter Question

@RenaissanceDork asks: “When world-building, do you build first and fit the characters in, or build a world around the characters as you go?”

Listen to to find out!

Really hope you’re enjoying the podcast so far, this episode has been our clearest yet and also allowed me to finally flex some audio editing muscle. Thanks for all of the great feedback so far everyone, and keep it coming! Don’t forget you can now add Haste to your feed via Feedburner and subscribe & rate us on iTunes!

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  1. Jerry’s impression of the patronage levels is mistaken.

    Your level of patronage doesn’t drive “how long” you’re able to voice your opinion– but rather the amount of opportunity you have to pitch material *if you want to do so.*

    There are other benefits to higher levels of patronage, like sketches, occasionally in-person playtest opportunities, pitch review, but everyone has a voice in a patronage project and we all listen to those voices when they have something to say.

    I know, because I just got done running a project at Open Design. 😉

    I’d be happy to discuss it in greater detail anytime you’d like. Just let me know.

    • Thanks for the enlightenment Ben! I’ve never quite knew the skinny on it and hadn’t had the time to pour over all the specifics – I did admit complete and total ignorance there though as a disclaimer. Definitely sounds like a fun process to be honest! Thanks for listening and thanks for chiming in about Open Design 🙂

      • Of course! Patronage may not be for everyone, but it’s a very educational environment.

        And thanks for taking a look at Lost City! I was a patron for that project and I think it looks like a great place to play.

  2. What you’re describing is more of a vanity press, which is not Open Design.

    Patrons pitch, patrons vote, patrons playtest and review with a group of 100+ people who are all passionate about the project.

    I’m a veteran of (I think) ten patronage projects, as a patron, contributor, and finally lead designer.

    If you can’t get Logan, you tell me, and I’ll be there or I’m sure Wolfgang would be.


  3. Love the show!

    Would love to see a segment that talks about features (new or not) on Obsidian Portal and how to best use them. You could even use a users site that you think uses it well as a way to feature the feature.

  4. Thanks for the podcast. I second Topher Kohan’s idea. I’m sure you probably do have plans to include New Features but I think it is also useful to focus on Old Features. e.g. when I set up my first campaign, the whole Secret Player option wasn’t in existence, so I never really utilized it. However, I have recently moved emphasis of my game and I can see how it might work in what I am trying to do. But what about all the other features that have passed me by in that time?

    • It’s credited in every episode, we were using Mombasa by Hans Zimmer (Inception Soundtrack) for the intro, and various other selections for the outro’s. However now we’re using some creative commons music just to be sure we’re not breaking any legal boundaries. The music will always be credited directly below the podcast player though so keep your eyes peeled!

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